Jason and Sarah

The OMB is the biggest component in executive branch and works with several agencies to help show clear priorities for the president and said agencies.

Has around 100 members that all advise the president on the state of the nation.

All federal agencies and organizations that are a part of the executive branch.

Justice Department


Federal bureau of inspectors-defends america against terrorist and foreign threats.


US Marshals

Interior-Natural Resources

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Forest Service


Coast Guard


Independent Agencies


To reveal the unknown and find its benefits for humankind.


Keep an eye on the environment and its changes making sure it stays safe for us and our ecosystems.

National and Community Service

Gives volunteers the tools they need to help the community.

United States Postal Office

Safely processes and transfers mail nationally.

US Peace Corps

Promotes friendship and peace across the world.


Maintains stability in nation's financial system.

Regulatory Commissions


To prevent businesses from being unfair to customers and enhance the informed consumer choice.


Insure safe use of radioactive materials for civilian benefit.

Federal Reserve

Provides nation with stable economic system.

Federal Communications Commission

Authority for communication laws and technological innovations.

Responsibilities of the VP

To be on hand when and if the president dies, and can also be president of the house.