CAM needs your help

The CAM Champion request

We Still Need You!

Become a CAM Champion today (no you don’t have to participate in a walk, sale a table, or bake cupcakes for a bake sale)

1. Click here to let us know you will be a CAM Champion (promoting CAM for Big Give SA via email and social media)

2. We will send you 1-2 emails a week until May 3rd (Big Give SA donation date)

3. Like CAM on Facebook and share our posts, stories of CAM and about participating in Big Give and Designating CAM for the donation

4. Take a Selfie that says #IamaCAMChampion and post it on social media

5. MAY 3rd, resend a final request (that we will provide you) that encourages your friends, their kids, their friends, relatives to support CAM through Big Give SA and share our Facebook page!

6. Make your donation on May 3rd to Big Give SA

The Big Give SA

Tuesday, May 3rd, 12am to Wednesday, May 4th, 12am

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM)

The Mission of CAM is to share the Love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis. CAM is a place of Grace and all are welcome.