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Sustainable ecosystem

My Home is located in the Temperate Deciduous forest, it is always changing, it also has 4 seasons : winter,fall,spring,summer.Plants that will be grown in my garden are ferns and other wild flowers because those are the most common plants found in the forest floor. I would also grow a maple leaf tree , making my own maple syrup, therefore i save money not buying syrup.
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i would have an Eco friendly car parked in my drive way because although this car uses electricity i'm not using gas which will not cause harm to the environment
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Waste management system

I would separate garbage from recycling from compost ( food waste).Its better to separate these things because it will cause a problem later on at the land fill if you don't. if you don't separate the garbage from the compost it will be harder for the garbage workers to seperate these things so they will just leave it there , making the compost harder to decompose
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Animal adoption

I would adopt the Malayan tiger because they are loosing their homes to humans building houses and business buildings,humans also capture this animal for the use of their skin to make clothes , leaving them dead.
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Some chemicals found in my home that can be toxic to me and my pets are:


Laundry soap

and disinfectant

In the disinfectant the element found in it is chlorine which is a non metal. The chemical is in group 17 in the periodic table

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Electricity and efficiency

The type of electrical energy source i will use in my home is Hydro power because the water pressure that is created by water it is used to turn blades of a turbine, then the turbine is connected to a generator, which converts the mechanical energy into electricity. It is a climate friendly energy source, generating power without producing air pollution.

The physical structures that make my home more efficient is using energy saving bulbs, using weatherstripping and storm windows,energy efficient glass in windows to reflect heat back in during the winter and reflect it out in the summer, i will make sure that the wood and cement used to make my home is closed together, and to make sure my hot water is at a low temperature, i can use over hanging roofs to provide shade,and to plant tress to provide shelter.And lastly, collect rainwater for watering my garden.

Energy efficient home ideas - Thornborough SuperHome

Energy star

I will use LED light bulbs because they are long lasting, they last up to 10 times as long.LED lights hold up well with bumping,which makes them durable, they do not cause much heat, they use 2-17 watts of electricity.

The type of appliances i will use in my home are:

refrigerator-adjust temperature

Stove-use burner which is closest to the pot size. Use lids on the pots and pans

Washer/dryer- I will make sure clothes are dirty enough to really be washed.

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In my home there will be a telescope which makes far away things look near.When curious people would point this device to the sky, so they may view the stars and other planets.

i will also have a rocket in my backyard which gives me the opportunity to go to space with professional supervision

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