Latin America Road Trip

Ryan Gurley


the capital, Brasilia, is located at 25 degrees south, 50 degrees west, in the middle of the country. the Amazon river and rainforest are 2 physical locations. the statue of Jesus in Rio De Jeneiro and the Brazilian Congress building in Brasilia. one modification is the Juscelino Kubitsehek bridge. one accommodation is a gun for protection since the environment is dangerous. the people depend on the government and they elect a president by voting. one example of movement is biking, another is a natural alternative to pesticide created by Bug-Agentes Biologicos. the main language is Portuguese, as well as their main religion. the population of Brazil is portuguese with a few Africans and Indigenous Indians. families are usually large.


the capital, lima, is located at 75 degrees west, 10 degrees south, on the pacific ocean. in Peru 2 physical locations are the Atacama desert and Machu Picchu and 2 human locations are Lima city hall and the government palace of Peru. a modification to the environment is the Port of Callao. the people vote to elect government officials. FIDECOM inspired many other Latin American countries to create others like it. the people walk and the official language is spanish. the main religion is Catholicism, the first settlers arrived 20,000 years ago and were hunter-gatherers.


the capital, Havana, is located 84 degrees west, 24 degrees south, on the left side of the island. 2 physical locations are Varadero (the beach) and Sierra Maestra, 2 human locations are the Museum of the Revolution and El Capitolio, Cuba has great ports. the government is a communist state, and one example of movement is cars, another is oil (petroleum) columbus was the first to land on the island, the main religion is Roman Catholic, the language is Spanish. an the Cuban Missile Crisis plays an Important role in both Cuban and American history.


the capital, Nassau, is located at 76 degrees west, 26 degrees south, on a small island. 2 physical locations are Blue Lagoon Island and Paradise Island, 2 human locations are Ardastra Gardens an Zoo and Pirates of Nassau Museum. one modification is Governer's Harbour. the people vote. 2 examples of movement are walking and medicinal plants. their main language is english and their main religion is christianity . they have a lot of music and holidays.