How To Increase Infant Intelligence

By Tyna Taylor

How intelligence Develops

Emotions: Birth to 18 Months

  • Provide a secure and consistent environment for baby.
  • Smile often.
  • Acknowledge and verbalize the emotions that your baby is feeling.
  • Show empathy when baby is upset.
  • Bond with your baby on his level; "converse" through baby sounds.
  • Explain why you're saying "no" instead of just saying it.
  • Allow your baby to help in family activities, such as sorting laundry.
  • Express positive feedback for good behavior.
  • Explain when and how your baby's actions affect other

Speech: Birth to Age 10

    • Start reading to your baby at a very young age.
    • Talk back to baby's cooing and babbling.
    • Point out and name things around you.
    • Repeat yourself often.
    • Pronounce words clearly.
    • Use daily life activities to explain what you're doing.
    • Sing songs and teach your baby the words.
    • Play language games with your baby, such as nursery rhymes or patty-cake.
    • Consider teaching your child a second language while he's young.