Asian Colonization

By: Blythe Callahan & Alyssa Beery

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  • From 1500s through 1700s, European merchants gained footholds in South East Asia
    • Dutch-East Indies

      • During early 1600s

      • Dutch East India Company established bases on islands of Java and in the Moluccas (Spice Islands). Expanded through Dutch East Indies (Now Indonesia)

      • Colonies produced coffee, indigo, and spices

    • British in Burma and Malaya

      • Burma

        • British expanding eastward from India clashed with Burma (present day Myanmar) British defeated them. they resisted British rule

      • Malaya

        • Busy port of Singapore grew at southern tip of Malaya

        • Natural Resources and profits flowed from Singapore to Britain

    • French

      • French building empire on Southeast Asia mainland near Portuguese trade centers

      • Christian Missionaries sent from France and won some converts

      • Vietnamese officials tried to suppress Christianity by killing missionaries

      • In response, France invaded Vietnam and won over all land eventually

      • French referred to this land as “French Indonesia”

    • Many Chinese Immigrants migrated to southeast asia for opportunities

    • Philippines

      • Seized by Spain in 1500

      • Christianity spread

      • America seized it during Spanish-American war

      • Filipino rebels fought for independence, America crushed rebellion

    • America seized Hawaii
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    • Cultural

      • Spread of Christianity

      • Increase of the belief of Western superiority and loss of confidence in Native culture

      • Pre-Colonial traditions weakened

    • Political

      • Rulers changed to suit Westerners

      • Colonists defined borders without knowledge of local political or ethnic situations

      • Colonized people took on European nationalism ideas and agitated for their own independence

    • Economic

      • Grew cash-crops instead of food

      • Forced to work for colonial rulers to be able to pay taxes

      • Imports of machine-made goods destroyed native industries

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Interesting Facts

  • The US colonized place in Asia in the 1900s
  • French colonists were more likely to marry locals than British

  • Thailand was only uncolonized country in Asia

  • The Netherlands controlled islands with lots of spices

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Asian Responses to Imperialism: Crash Course World History #213


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