Modern Massacres and Genocides

Jackson Thornton

What is a Genocide?

A genocide is a purposeful mass killing of a particular ethnic group, religion, or nation.

What is a Massacre?

A massacre is a randomized and barbaric slaughter of people in a mass.
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Port Author Massacre

On April 28th 1996 Martin Bryant killed 35 men, women, and children at random. Bryant is thought to have had a mental disability and started his horrific events by killing an elderly couple who were owners of the Port Arthur Guesthouse. It is thought that he started with that couple out of anger because of the couple refusing to sell the property to his father.

When he walked into the restaurant he pulled out an automatic rifle and shot and killed 22 people afterwards he walked out into the parking lot killing 2 tour bus drivers and a mother and her children and many others. He then walked to a BMW and shot the four people inside then, took the car drove to a gas station. At the gas station he shoots a woman and takes a man hostage he then takes the hostage to the guesthouse and, after a 18 hour standoff with the police, sets the guest house on fire then runs outside apparently have had killed the hostage and is caught by police.

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North Korea

North Korea has refused multiple human rights violations examples are: Violation to right of food, torture, and inhuman and degrading treatment.

Sinchon Massacre

35,383 are killed during U.S. Military occupation in 52 days during Autumn of 1950. 2000 people are pushed off of the Sokdang Bridge, 1000 woman thrown into the Sowon Reservoir, 1200 people put into an ice house and burned, 900 perish in an air-raid center when U.S. military poured gasoline into the ventilation duct and lit it on fire, and 600 are found in Pogu Reservoir.

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Iraq Genocide

Nearly 19000 Iraqi civilians are killed and 3,000,000 have abandoned their homes due to the overwhelming amount of violence. From the January of 2014 to October of 2015 left 18,802 civilians dead and double have been wounded. 3,500 of the people killed were minorities from Iraq's Yazidi. Some of the people captured were sold as slaves. Most of the deaths are inflicted by The Islamic State. The children who were spared and older 10 years old were forced into military training. intense violence has continued since October.

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The Holocaust

Over 5,900,000 people were killed during the Holocaust. Not only Jewish people were killed but Gypsies, mentally disabled, Homosexuals, and Slavic people. Along with Jehovah's Witnesses, Socialists, Communists, and Prisoners of War. The Nazis who thought that Germans were racially superior wanted to kill all Jewish people and "Aliens" that were thought to be threats to German Superiority. Before the Holocaust the Jewish population was over 9 million and by 1945 the Nazis had murdered two of three Euro Jews. As an attempt to capture all of the Jews the Nazis created Ghettos to in cage them. Most of the Jewish people there were later sent to "Death Camps" where they were forced to work under horrible conditions. Most of the Jewish people in the camps would die in their sleep and while they were working. To transport the Jews from the Death Camps the SS officers in charge of the camps would send the Jews off on Marches to other camps or just to torture them.

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Port Arthur Massacre (1996)
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