Battle of the Bulge

the battle that ended ww2

Goals of the battle / key millitary strategies used in battle

  • to lead the attack and to capture Antwerp
  • attack the centre of the American forces
  • create a buffer zone to prevent American reinforcements from attacking the Fifth Panzer Army

Millitary strategies

  • the germans strategy was to break the allied lines Ardennes
  • they wanted to get the port back from Antwerp

battle of bulge

Saturday, Dec. 16th 1944 at 5:30am


Nations Involved!!!!

the nations that were involved in the war was Britain, USA and France. because Hitler did a surprise attack on the bulge. It was a short victory because the soldiers managed to get him down.

genearls invovled

one general that led the battle of bulge was general Omar Bradley he was a army field commander and a general during WWII. Omar Bradley was born on February 12 , 1893 in Clark , Mo. He was a WWII hero he was one of the last 5 star generals to die. He died April 8 ,1981 in New York City, NY from cardiac arrest.

outcome of the battle / long lasting impact

At the end of the battle the germans lost about 30,000 soldiers. They also lost a lot of weapons exspecially tanks. Amerians loss was bad but not as bad the lost 62,000 forces british forces lost only 2,000 troops. The soldiers that survived the battle the memory of it haunted them for the rest of their lives. The long lasting impact is the germans were still mad at the U.S for stoping their goods and they were always going to have to deal with the lose they took.