Bora Bora

One Of The Best Holiday And Events Location

Bora Bora Has The Best Activitys!

In Bora Bora we have amazing activitys to endulge people to this magnificent place, a hot sunny place with small islands all around! First you have shark feeding, a place where you go out to see with trained specialists and go down on a thick secure rope and see an amazing show of which you may just get to do yourself!

Also along with that we have our world famous attraction which is snorkeling, Bora Bora has many stunning views and places but the underwater fishes and sealife are beyond compare! If you want to have a luxurios experience under the sea life and play with the fishes beyond the turqoise water then go to Bora Bora.

Come to Coral Garden to see some of the most popular living sea-creatures in Bora Bora, Coral Garden is so filled with tropical fishes that you can sometimes not see the water for all the beautiful creatures surrounding you! It is like swimming with all the species in the world. They are curious and friendly and live amongst the big coral rocks with some actually living colour-explosive clams.

Come To Bora Bora

We have so many things to offer, here we offer you a range of places to stay and take a ride

The national 5star carribien: £100-200

Virgin Flights Or Thompson: 50-60 each

Overwater Bungalows: £93 (recommended most)

Amazing Food To Eat

Review Of Bora Bora:

Everything about our trip was wonderful! We did not have a bad meal, the staff was attentive and friendly (they knew our name everywhere we went), beds/rooms were very comfortable (did not get too hot). Do all the snorkeling you can! It is incredible! We hated leaving, and are saving for our return trip!

St Regis Resort Bora Bora

Would My Kids Like Bora Bora To?

Kids and adults would love Bora Bora, adults can relax where as kids can play in the ocean, if you want to know about the different attractions for Bora Bora then you could think about doing a safari ride or watching shows such as breathing fire and other spectacular things! This destination can also be suited for the disabled.