Save The Brown Bear

By: Ryosuke Aramaki


We all know that adults Brown bear weight around 1000 pounds. But did you know that they only weigh about a pound when they were born? This is the Brown bear. This amazing and unique creature is in endangered. In this poster you are going to discover more about the Brown bear and a way of saving them.


Brown bear has the ability to live in most of the condition like forests, desert, and tundra, they prefer living in place where there is a available shelter during the day. Brown bear's could weigh up to 1500 pounds and when they are a kid, they weigh around 300 pounds. Also, Brown bears has a great sense of smell and a great swimmer. Usually, they go hunting during the night. Even if they don't catch any animals to eat, they would still survive because , Brown bears would eat about anything. (NG) (IUNC)

Food Chain

Brown bear is an omnivore that would eat about anything and they ar at the top of the food chain. For example, grass, nuts, berries, fish, and an animal. They find their food in the forest, the desert, and tundra and hunts foxes, rodents, squirrels, and other animals. Brown bears do not die because of getting killed by other animals since they are at the top of the food chain. They mostly die from a disease or because of their age. (Rourke Book ) (IUNC)


As I mentioned earlier, Brown bears could live in almost any condition From Asian steppes to Arctic shrub lands. They live in the North America, Europe, and Eastern Russia parts of the world. Also Brown bear would prefer the area that is filled with trees and forests. They build their dens in the cave, burrows, or other shelter spots. (NG)


Some of the Brown bear's adaptation for protection is having sharp claws and teeth, which helps them during the attack of prey. And the adaptations for getting and eating food is having a huge teeth to eat the large animals. Also Brown bears use their paws to attack the opponent in the chest, neck, shoulder, and head. (IUNC)


Brown bears are being endangered because people killing them. Also, they are losing their habitats from people cutting down trees. In order to save the Brown bears, there are restriction on hunting them. Also you are not allowed to go into their living environment. They are important to the food chain because it keeps the number of animals to the right number. For example if there are only few Brown bears, wolves would grow their population, Because there are no predators that would eat them. (NG) (IUNC)
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