The most feared diseases

The most feared diseases
Because of the devastation and suffering that causes cancer, this disease is the most feared of all. Cancer is, after heart disease, the leading cause of death in Europe. An estimated 1 to develop the 2 men and 1 in 3 women during their lifetime or other form of cancer the "war" against cancer has been going

on for thirty years, but still there is no therapy found against this dreaded disease. The conventional treatment methods for cancer focus on eliminating the cancer cells with lethal chemicals, destructive radiation, and dangerous surgical procedures. These methods are destroyed. Both diseased and healthy cells

even if patients survive such radical therapies, they remain constantly engaged in a battle against ever new diseases and tumors that develop in their weakened bodies MuscleSeek

It is metastasis that makes cancer so deadly. Studies have shown that certain nutrients metastasis of cancer cells in the connective tissue, causing

metastasis occurs can stop!
What is cancer?
Cancer cells develop in the body due to damage to cellular DNA, causing the mechanism that controls the multiplication of these cells are destroyed. Such

abnormal cells are continually formed during our life in the body, that a variety of methods has been developed to detect these cells and destroy them.

Unfortunately, namely abnormal cells sometimes escape their destruction and they can multiply rapidly and develop into tumors.