HCPSS World Languages

Fall Professional Learning Day 08/20/14

Fullfilling the Promise of Preparation: Focusing on Rigorous Instruction in World Languages

Wednesday, Aug. 20th 2014 at 8am

6520 Freetown Rd

Columbia, MD


7:30-8:00 am: Check In (Auditorium Lobby)
8:00- 9:30 am: Plenary (Auditorium)
Special Guest- Susan Spinnato, Director of Instructional Programs, MSDE
9:40- 10:30 am: Concurrent Sessions Round 1
10:40- 11:30 am: Concurrent Sessions Round 2
11:40 am- 12:30 pm: Team and Cluster Meetings
12:30 pm: Prize Giveaway (Auditorium Lobby)

Concurrent Sessions Round 1: 9:40-10:30 am

Room 148: Integrated Performance Assessments (J. Borgerding, K. Malone, J. Ventosa)
Room 137: Questioning and Discussion Techniques for Novice Learners (L. Monroe, B. Sharbaugh
Media Center: Descubre el español con Santillana (P. Acosta, D. Carter, J. Browning)
Room 140: TCI Strategies for Student Engagement (A. Leonard)
Room 141: Target Language Strategies (S. Costello)
Room 151: Curriculum Update- French I and II (S. Ghezzi, T. Sherrow, A. Tourtlotte)
Room 145: Chinese Curriculum Update (H. Liang, S. Liu, Nange Lu, K. Streicker)
Room 147: Curriculum Update- American Sign Language (M. Lazzor)
Room 150: Using Edmodo to Engage 21st Century Learners (M. Comito, D. Espitia)
Room 152: Using Google Apps for Education- GAFE (H. Gonzalez, J. Street)
Room 154: Using Online Realidades Resources and Tools (T. Petrini)
Room 156: SLO Support Session (L. Grahn)

Concurrent Sessions Round 2: 10:40- 11:30 am

Room 148: Bien Dit Online Resources (J. Willett, T. Strobeck, L. Cassard)
Media Center: Descubre el español con Santillana (P. Acosta, D. Carter, J. Browning)
Room 137: Bringing National WL Exams to Your School (L. Ammann, D. Desmond, P. Almquist)
Room 140: Adovacy Strategies for Less Commonly Taught Languages (L. Farro, M. Rhoton)
Room 141: Tejidos Text and Resources (E. Tchakarian, M. WIllman)
Room 151: Using EMC's Online Platform (B. Mark, L. Sacco)
Room 145: Digging for Treasure on the Staff Hub and Alfresco (H. Sherrow)
Room 147: Tech Tools for Capturing Student Performance (J. Cornell)
Room 150: Planning Foreign Travel Opportunities for Your Students (J. Dixon, E. Tourtlotte)
Room 152: Engaging Students Through Warm Up and Closure Activities (S. Millman)
Room 154: Reaching Unmotivated Learners (B. Pechulis, P. Previdi)
Room 156: SLO Support Session (L. Grahn)

Team and Cluster Meetings 11:40 am- 12:30 pm (PRIZE GIVEAWAY 12:30 pm, Auditorium Lobby)

Room 129: Team meeting AHS
Room 132: Team meeting CHS
Room 133: Team meeting GHS
Room 148: Team meeting HaHS
Room 137: Team meeting HoHS
Room 140: Team meeting LRHS
Room 141: Team meeting MRHS
Room 151: Team meeting MHHS
Room 145: Team meeting OMHS
Room 147: Team meeting RHS
Room 150: Team meeting RHHS
Room 152: Team meeting WLHS
Rooms 154/156: Elementary Cluster Meetings
Media Center: Middle School Cluster Meetings

HCPSS Office of World Languages

Leslie Grahn, Coordinator
Jen Cornell,
Resource Teacher
Melissa Frye,
Content Mentor
Bonnie Pechulis,
Content Mentor
Pat Previdi,
Content Mentor
Rene Wasserkrug,
Content Mentor
Brenda Myrick,
Administrative Secretary