Welcome to English 9

By: Bryce Enscoe


Hello, my name is Bryce Enscoe and I am a student of Shenango. I will be telling you about your upcoming year in English. For this class you will need to have a lot of organizational skills. You will want a two to three inch binder at the smallest. You will do things like read a book of the month, read short stories, read stories in class, do group readings, and create poems. As long as you are organized for this class your year will be easy.

An overview of your year

  • Your short stories will be about people having a problem and finding a solution sometimes learning a moral lesson. Stories like these are “The Necklace” and “The Scarlet Ibis.” Other stories will be about action and will keep you reading. A story like this is “The most Dangerous game.

  • “Romeo and Juliet” and “Divergent” are two stories that you will read as a class. You will read three or four chapters every night and then talk about it in class. You will also do packets to show that you read the chapter and to put grades in. These stories are fun and exciting so there will be little trouble to do these.

  • For your group circles you will get to read a book and talk about it in your group. These books are easy to read if you like the book. For the book groups that was your book of the month and you got extra time in class to read it.

  • You will also read “The Odyssey.” This will be another book that you read in class. The story was written by Homer about Odysseus trying to return home. The version that you will read is written like a play so students can be the different parts in the epic poem.

  • Poetry is the last thing that you will do in the school year. You will have to write your own poem about whatever you want. You will also do poems where you find a poem and mash it up with a song that you like.

Independent reading/Book Talks

You will read a total of nine books for class by yourself. Some of the books you read may be hard because it is not the genre that you like. But the books are really easy to read. Just read that amount of pages that you need to read every night and a little more and you will be done before the month is half over. Never procrastinate on these because you will have to spend so much more time on nights when you have lots of homework to do.

My Favorite Things

My favorite thing this year was the independent reading that we did in class. It was simple and easy to do and the books were very interesting. You could read your book after school while you wait for your parents or at home when you have nothing else to do.

My least favorite things

My least favorite thing in class were the post-it-notes. After you read your amazing book you would have to nit pick through the book to find what the post-it-notes were asking.

Some Advice for You

To be successful you must be completely organized and always listening and never fooling around. Keep a planner to write down your homework and NEVER procrastinate. If you slack for a minute in this class you will go from an A to a B from a single assignment.

How to do well in class

  1. Put the papers in the binder as soon as you get them.

  2. Keep a journal to make sure you do your homework.

  3. Have the teacher check to make sure all of your homework is written down.

  4. Never procrastinate. EVER!!!

  5. Always double check to make sure that you turned your papers in.

An Inspirational Quote

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak: courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~Winston Churchill