My Stress


1. Some things that causes stress is...homework, low self-esteem, taking a test, and running a race these are only some of the things that causes stress.

there are many things that can cause stress like...when you have a hard job and you are behind your work, teens in genre have a lot of stress.I think that these stressors can be solved by spacing your homework and getting it done little by little,and if you have low self-esteem you can practically just go up to someone you trust and tell them why you have low self-esteem because you have people how care about you and are willing to say that they care about you so you can talk to them.

2. And one that is very important to remember and it definitely causes the most stress that I can think of is Depression.Depression is very common because it can be a simple as a lose of a family member or a lose of an close pet, I think this can be solved by rather talking about it to someone you trust or you can put it in a diary for safe keeping.

3. Another stress that I am positive every one in their life has gone throw is building it is a very very serious thing that some people think that its ok to do and I know because I have gone throw it so many times and It probably happens to people all the time and it also looks like it because 160,000 people get bullied every year. I think this can be solved basic if every one can see the good in others and not f they have a disability ,cant read, or if they wear things that other people think it makes them took fat or even if someone gets strer A's that doesn't matter it really doesn't and soon we will all go are septet ways and when those people are micher of they hop fly think back and say to them selves and say what did that person ever do to me why did I do the things that I did.

4. One other stress that most teens and very many adults has is not having a lot of sleep,

one way that you can solve this problem is by going to bed at the same time every night and try to wake up at the same time very morning this can trains your body to the point that at that exert time your body says oh ok its time to go to bed lets go up and go to sleep so it becomes practically just odimadicly knows to wake up

5. One stress that I personly have is helping, this might seem like a unusual one but I feel like this all the time, when I get stressed it is mostly because when I am helping with homework because when my parents are busy I always help my brothers with homework and it may seem hard to them so they ask me a lot of questions so I always underline it always overthink things so I have learned to come down and take a deep breath and then I find the best way to teach them how to do it, It is very stressful but they are my brothers and I would do any thing to help my brothers because that's what a big sister does.