Much Ado About Nothing

By Sam Abegglen


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Benedick began as a character rooted in solitude and anger. The reason for his illegitimate frustration with the other sex is never revealed, but can be guessed to be because of the history he shares with Beatrice. Vowing never to marry, he quickly turns tide when he learns that Beatrice loves him. He is a dynamic character through and through. Barney Stinson is afraid of marrying women as well and forever views himself as a bachelor.
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Don John

Simply put, Don John is an antagonist, a villain, the "bad guy". Darth Vader is the evil in Star Wars, causing chaos throughout other peoples lives by manipulating them, much like Don John does when he ruins Claudio and Hero's marriage.
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Claudio resembles Stitch because he is innocent, but also contains a vicious side, as revealed when he throws Hero to the ground at their wedding, yelling at her. He falls in love easily, just a Stitch did with Lilo. His character shows different sides throughout the play and only reveals them in extreme cases.

Plot Points:

Benedick's Promise

Near the beginning of the play Benedick, Claudio, and Don Pedro gather together after the crowd leaves to talk about a new found love. Claudio had fallen for Hero, and wished that his gentleman would support him. Don Pedro thought it to be the best idea, whereas Benedick began a rant on the topic. He said that love is a trap made for weak men, and he was no weak man. He made it clear he was to remain solitary the rest of his life, never bending to a woman's charm. This showed the beginning of the critical character development for Benedick and allowed reasoning behind why he responds the way he does when he overhears his friends talking about Beatrice loving him.

The Deception of Two

Another crucial plot point is when Beatrice and Benedick are tricked into loving each other; or at the very least tricked into professing their love for one another. Margaret and Hero are in the gardens when they indirectly tell Beatrice that Benedick loves her, even though he hasn't spoken to them of such an act. The same happens with Benedick, he is tricked as well, but by his friends Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio. This is very important because it makes both characters admit to their true feelings, something they would not have done without such intervention.

Broken Marriage

Bringing the story to the climax, Hero and Claudio are prepared to marry when Claudio is tricked into believing that Hero has been unfaithful. He destroys the wedding day shortly after. This creates tension throughout the characters and makes readers wondering what will happen next. Essentially, this is a segway into the development of the redemption of Hero and the downfall of Don John.

Tumblr Girls - G-eazy

This song is a sad song, singing about the modern-day youthfulness of American girls. It shows the dramatic decline of both sensual and non-intimate relations between men and women. This is extremely dramatized throughout the play by way of Don John's deception, the falsification of love between Benedick and Beatrice, and finally the unwarranted use of violence that Claudio and Leonato show to Hero during the first wedding. "Superficial with a rotten soul," this is a real truth that is recognized in the play. Claudio believes this exact quote when he is fooled into believing she is unfaithful. "it's tough for me to shelf it, it's you I see myself with," this could represent either Benedick and Beatrice, or Claudio and Hero. Both parties are falling in love with their other, however adversities arise that cause conflicted views, bringing to light the phrase.