L.T.Memo 2014

February INSET

Thanks to everyone for your energy and engagement during the ICT workshops last Tuesday - it was great to be able to work with yeargroup teams to find ways to further embed planning practically.

Through team involvement we were also able to create some new ways in which we use technology to support and stimulate learning, especially for some of our children who need specific support.

A Few Notes of Thanks

I'd like to say a big thankyou to a few people for going that 'little bit extra' following on from the workshops :

  • Y2 team for doing a Beebot mat audit and tidy up
  • F1 for finding ways to build iCount into groups activities for Maths or PSE.
  • F2 for building in workable group slots to explore some Daisy the Dinosaur fun.
  • Karen H for getting to grips with the hall tech and setting it up for her Science assembly.
  • Sue and Kate for diving into making their own 'Space Journey' stop animation and iMovie as a teacher example.

iPad-Tastic - Managing Devices

  • You can find the iPad Tracker 2014 sheet in : O:\@ PLANNING FOR LEARNING\Learning Technology
  • iPad Booking Schedule: I will be dropping in to see you at some point during the week to double-check the iPad bookings that have been requested so far. There is lots of whole class, and small groupwork going on this term, which is great :-) - so we want to be sure we are able to combine access to devices smoothly.

March 3 - 14 LTM Fortnight Ahead

Monday 13th > Acting Head DP in UK

After school: FS Intro Hall & Media Tech +F2 Daisy Dinosaur planning


a.m. ESLT: Assessment & Reporting


a.m. Acting Head > KvZ @ BoM / p.m. curriculum development

Thursday -


Lunchtime > iBook Club & staff iPad drop in session

After lunch > COBIS Science video prep with Y6

Monday 10th

After school > team meetings


After school > Y6 family iPad setup


a.m. LTM & IS 'BSN FuturePlan' update meeting @ JSL

p.m. T-Mobile Mobile Phones workshop Y6 [hall]


After school > Meet with Barbara on COBIS Science film progress for Y3 & Y6

Friday 14th

Lunchtime > iBook Club & staff iPad drop in session