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Death of a King

King Duncan was found laying dead in Macbeths house. Their was also his two guards found dead. One of his guards had a knife in his hand. I have got information that everybody had came over to Macbeths house for dinner. After dinner they all fell asleep in the house and when they woke up they found King Duncan and his guards dead. He had severe stab wounds to the chest. We have talked to Macbeth which his King Duncans cousin and also who's house he was found dead at. He said "i am very disapointed to wake up and see my cousin not breathing with blood and stab wounds all over him". We later discovered that Macbeth sons ran away to Scotland after the death of King Duncan. We asked Macbeth does he have any clue who did it or does he think his sons did. He commented "my sons know better than to do anything like that. I raised them the right way." I also asked their neighbors if they seen anyone that usually doesnt come over. Most of them said that everything has looked normal, or maybe Macbeth or one of his guards did it. Will the murderer of King Duncans death ever be found?


King Duncan

Name: King Duncan

Hometown: Scotland

Opening & Closing of his eyes: 1645-1677

Service: Saturday @ 11:00 A.M.

About him: Was a very great King. He cared about everyone in his surroundings.