KJ DANCE 2023 Concert


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KJ Families,

Concert planning and prep is underway, and this newsletter will be the HUB for all information and questions you may have about the concert. Please visit back often, as we will make updates, and add new information throughout the Spring. If your dancer is looking to add another class to their dance schedule, please have them trial a class this week or next! Trial classes are free, and we would love to see students branch out and try something new.

Winter enrollment is underway on our website, kjdance.com. Please CLICK HERE to see an overview of our classes. The last day to add a class, and be guaranteed to receive a costume is March 3rd.

If you need to change classes, please email Aaron at kjdancebilling@gmail.com

Email the office for questions at kjdance.office@gmail.com.



Below are the cast lists for each show in no specific show run order. Please find your dancer's class to correspond which show they will perform in. The order of appearance in the show might change, but the night assignment will not. Many details to follow, but this is the first communication on performance show assignments. Ticket info., costume details, Stage Mom opportunities are coming your way soon!

Concert Show Assignments- CLICK HERE

KJ Concert vs. Rhythm & Rhyme Recital

What is the difference in the Rhythm and Rhyme Recital and the 2023 Concert?

The Rhythm and Rhyme Recital is for our preschool aged dancers, and is held in-house at KJ Plano. This is a more intimate setting for our younger dancers. The Concert is designed for dancers that are enrolled in the Combo I classes and older.

2023 Rhythm and Rhyme Recital Information

Rhythm and Rhyme Recital Dates: The Rhythm and Rhyme recitals will be the weekend of May 20th and 21st. Your dancer's exact performance time will be coming this week, so look for another email with your classes' time. These itty bitty dancers will perform in an intimate 45 minute recital at KJ Plano. We transform our KJ Plano studio into a dance wonderland for these dancers. Tickets info and much much more is coming soon.

Costumes- each dancer will be fitted for a costume, and receive their very own! Costume will be ordered next week, and you will see charges on your account on the 18th of January. The Rhythm and Rhyme costume will be $90.

If your dancer WILL NOT be performing in the recital, and you do not want a costume ordered, please complete this form before the 18th of January.

NOT Performing/Recital Accommodations Form- click here

Rhythm and Rhyme Sneak Peaks

2023 KJ Dance Concert

Concert Dates- We are excited to watch our Combo 1 students and older dance on the Big Stage. The KJ Concert this year is June 3rd and 4th. Your dancer's performance concert time will be emailed to you by THIS Friday, January 13th. Ticket info. and much more will be coming soon!

Concert Costumes- Your dancer should have been measured for their 2023 Concert costume. If your dancer has not been measured, please let your teacher know. KJ Costumes will be ordered next week, and your KJ account will be charged on January 18th. If your dancer IS NOT performing in the KJ Concert, please complete the form below, so that a costume is not ordered, and your account is not charged. Please complete this form by January 17th.

NOT Performing Concert Form-click here

Below are the prices for each costume that will be ordered next week:

Combo Costumes- $105

All other genre costumes- $115

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Allen Performing Arts Center

300 Rivercrest Blvd, Allen, TX 75002

Concert FAQ

When will the dancers begin to learn their dance for the Concert?

Technique training is of utmost importance at KJ Dance. It is important to us that we complete the curriculum and do not practice the same dance over and over for the spring semester. KJ dancers will begin to learn their concert dance mid February, and will practice pieces of their dance throughout the semester. We are excited to watch them shine, and will ensure that dancers feel confident in their performance dance.

What is the difference in the Rhythm and Rhyme Recital and the 2023 Concert?

The Rhythm and Rhyme Recital is for our preschool aged dancers, and is held in-house at KJ Plano. This is a more intimate setting for our younger dancers. The Concert is designed for dancers that are enrolled in the Combo I classes and older.

When is the last day my dancer can join a class and still perform in the concert?

MARCH 3RD IS THE LAST DAY ANY DANCER CAN ADD A CLASS OR ENROLL AND STILL BE GUARANTEED A COSTUME. Dancers may enroll at anytime, but will not be guaranteed in the show past the 3rd of March.

Will both my children perform in the same show?

As always, we try very hard to place siblings in the same show. We will be very diligent this year and try our best, but as always there are no guarantees. We hope to accommodate your family the best we can. Thank you for understanding!

Will there be tickets for the concert?

Tickets are first come, first serve. Ticket sales are not limited and will go on sale at the beginning of May. Tickets will be available to purchase through the Allen Performing Arts Center website.

When are the dress rehearsals for the Concert?

Dress rehearsals for the Concert will be May 30th-June 2nd in the afternoon/evenings. Exact dress rehearsals times and dates, and more information will be coming soon. It is HIGHLY encouraged that your dancer attend the dress rehearsal. They will get to see backstage, and become familiar with the flow of the show. If for some reason your dancer is sick, or cannot make the dress rehearsal, they may still perform in the show.

KJ Dance Concert Sneak Peek

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Important Concert Dates:

January 13th- Concert Performance Times emailed to all KJ Dancers

January 17th- Not Performing Form is due (if your child isn't performing)

January 18th- KJ Account is charged for Spring Costumes

March 3rd- Last day to add a class and still have a costume

May 7th -COSTUME PICK UP DAY EVENT at KJ PLANO (all KJ dancers)

May 20th & May 21st- Rhythm and Rhyme Recitals (specific class performance times coming)

May 30th-June 2nd- 2023 Concert Dress Rehearsal Week (specific times coming soon)

June 3rd- KJ Concert-Show 1- Matinee

June 3rd- KJ Concert- Show 2- Evening

June 4th- KJ Concert- Show 3- Matinee

June 4th- KJ Concert- Show 4- Evening


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