Milling 101

Lesson at Cantech Machine and Tool Co on Friday December 11

Description of Activities

In this lesson on how to use the mill, I will be teaching you how to edge find, drill, tap and counter bohr


I will show you these functions on the mill because these are the functions I do most often on the mill. Edge finding is used to find the edge of a block, so when we drill we can drastically increase our accuracy. Taping and counter bohring is used to manipulate a hole which is a another feature tool and die makers use very often.


  1. Wear PPE (safety goggles, boots, coverall etc)
  2. Clean vice so there is no small metal particles
  3. Gather all tools needed to finish the part
  4. Insert block into the vice and tighten the jaws
  5. Change tool from endmill to drill chuck
  6. Insert edge finder into the chuck and than tighten chuck using a chuck key
  7. Edge find the block
  8. Once finished insert center drill into the chuck and than move table to hole locations and lightly tap against the piece
  9. Once finished center drilling remove the center drill and insert needed drill bit to finish drilling operation
  10. Once drilling operation is finished remove the piece from the vice and file the bur of
  11. Insert piece into the vice and also insert counter syncing tool to counter sync the holes
  12. Start tap on the mill
  13. Remove the piece from the mill and than finish the tapping job
  14. Insert piece back on the mil and start counterboring operation
  15. Once finished clean up

Special Instructions

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty as we are going to be working with oil metal and other greasy and sticky substances. Also preferably wear something comfortable and a little worn out as it will get dirty