We Need Your Help

Freshman Student of the Week Breakfast Celebration

9th Grade Parents- Donations are Needed by Tuesday, January 7th

SWRHS needs your help in supplying a special breakfast to approximately 170 freshmen. The 9th Grade Academy Teachers have recognized one student per week this semester and wish to have your support in rewarding such a GREAT group of students. The 9th Grade Academy Team is typically able to donate most of the supplies with their own personal donations, but this year we have the largest group ever to be awarded so we are asking for your help! The following is a list of supplies that we will need:

  • Fruit (if you provide the fruit we can have our Foods classes prepare)
  • Cups (small punch cups would be GREAT)
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Breakfast Drinks (Orange Juice, Apple Juice, bottled water & Milk)
  • Doughnuts of any sort (powdered, chocolate, etc)
  • Monetary Donations to be used to purchase needed breakfast items (turn into Mrs. Brown or Mr. Soja)

Please feel free to email Taryn Brown at t3brown@randolph.k12.nc.us for any questions or to check if we are still in need of breakfast items.

Thanks for your support of the class of 2016!