By: Autumn Thompson


-AIDS cant be spread through hugging or kissing, only can be spread through sexual activites.

-AIDS are found in your blood.

-There is no cure for AIDS.

-People you have AIDS have to be on medication and cant miss a dose or they can become sick.

-HIV is another name for AIDS.

-AIDS can be fatal.

-35.3 million adults and children around the world are living with HIV at the end of 2012.

-The first sign of AIDS often come within 2 to 4 weeks after being exposed.

-Symptoms for AIDS are similar to the flu.

-HIV virus began in animal pop.-possibly the money or chimp of Africa.

-Its hard for someone with HIV to get married or have kids. Usually adoption is the best choice for someone with HIV.

-A person with AIDS has a harder time fighting off infections and can get sick easliy.

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Book Tie in:

The book "Positively" relates to my research because the research is exactly the same and some of the facts came straight from the book. I recommend this book to anyone with or without AIDS. Its a great way to learn real facts about this disease and has a great story line to the book.