The Reading Room

Summer Reading Edition

The Summer Slide

Research shows that children who do not read over the summer, lose up to 3 months of their reading growth. They begin the next school year behind and need to catch up with peers. Over several years, this summer slide can have a significant impact on reading level and it becomes more and more challenging to catch up.

The bottom line: children need to read over the summer.

Websites to Have Explore!

Books Books Books

Visit Your Local Library

Your lcoal library is a great place to take your child this summer. They will love getting a library card and checking out all kinds of interesting books. Spend the morning or afternoon just relaxing in the library exploring new books.

Contact Me Anytime

I will be checking my school e-mail during the summer. If you have any questions or need reading recommendations or support with anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.