01 March 2015 - 31 October 2015


The project term will be 8 months, in Nyíregyháza city, which is the 7th biggest city in Hungary with 120 000 inhabitants. In the city are civil organizations who have also EVS volunteers and in Nyíregyháza College has Erasmus students.

HUMAN-NET Foundation (next - HNF) will host a volunteers from Bulgaria, Romania and Spain.

HNF will pay 95 euro pocket money/month and 120 euro food money/month.
HNF will rent a flat for the volunteers with three room.

HNF will provide the telephone and volunteers can call the colleagues for free.
HNF will provide a monthly ticket for bus and they can give a bike for the volunteers if they want to use it.
HNF would like to give a Hungarian lesson one time in a week.

HNF has many colleagues who speaks English very well. They have a great Community House and another office were they have an application writer team, family care workers, debt managements officers and they have homestead workers also. HNF has an active relationship with a roma community in a segregated place of our city. They have amazing dance groups and art company. HNF would like to show for the volunteers how is working their Foundation and they would like to stimulate volunteers to do creative work and find it which is comfortable for them. In addition, during the project HNF would like to involve a volunteers to make clubs with youngsters, write, plan and do a foreign project together, learn English with colleagues and with the group of children and students.
HNF has a strong relation with University of Debrecen Faculty of Public Health. HNF runned a Social Responsibility Training three times which based on the non-formal learning.

HNF's former volunteers wrote a blog about their work:



HNF's plan is to make a Skype interview with the applicants. They are waiting for the applicants, their details (name, age, sex, some background) or a CV and one motivation letter for the first time.

The selection deadline: 12.01.2015

To apply for this project you have to send your CV and motivational letter to tea@cazalla-intercultural.org