Raymore Update: 10/29/13

News For & About our Staff Family & PLC

Inspirational Quote

Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything.--

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Celebrate United Way!

So far we have collected $614.73 for United Way from our Hat and Gum Day! Kudos to our students for donating! Don't forget as a staff member you can purchase tickets for a $1.00. For every ticket you purchase, you may bid on a variety of wonderful items donated in the lounge. Jeans passes have been extended through next Friday, Nov. 8. For $20, you will get 5 jeans passes to use during that time period. You may also purchase jeans passes during that time period for $5 each. Bidding for items will close at 4 pm on Friday, Nov. 8. Thank you to everyone who kindly donates to United Way!

Fall Parties Friday, Nov. 1--Information/Review

Our fabulous PTA room mothers have been preparing for our Fall Parties on Friday,

Nov. 1. I know our students are excited and will enjoy all the festivities planned.

In order to ensure a safe and orderly afternoon, please refer to the following information:

  • Parties will be held from 2:55-3:35
  • Room mothers will be able to come to the room to prepare for the party at 2:40
  • Parents will be asked to show an ID and sign in when entering the front lobby.
  • Karla will provide a sign out sheet to you. If a parent is taking a student with them when they leave, they need to sign the child out on the sheet in your room in order to check the student out.
  • In order to check out a student, the person taking them MUST be in SIS as an emergency contact or parent of child.
  • If someone other than a parent is wanting to check out the student, it is best to send them to the office and Karla or Renee can verify.
  • There are five students in the building that are on the "do not release to" list due to custody reasons. If you have one of these students, Karla has printed that information for you and placed it in your mailbox.
  • Our PTA room mothers and board members will have PTA ID badges for easy identification. PTA parents may keep these badges and should wear them when in the building.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask our office staff. We hope you have a wonderful fall celebration with your class on Friday afternoon!

MVP (Most Valuable Piece of information) from my reading

Cultures Built to Last: Systematic PLCs at Work (DuFour, Fullan, 2013) (Current book study by PDC, Leadership Academy, & Dst Administrators)

Chapter 3: The Loose -Tight Dilemma:

The overriding question when school districts begin to look at systemic change is: Should systemic change be initiated from the top of the organizational chart and driven down throughout the organization, or should it percolate from the bottom upward? This top-down versus bottom- up dilemma presents a constant challenge to education reformers. This chapter discusses the rationale for both approaches, offers examples, and offers solutions to the dilemma.

My Takeaways:

We know that when we are trying to implement change in a culture that we must be careful not to order the change because that will not work. We also know that leaving people alone and not asking them to begin to change will not work either. I begin to make connections to the all the new changes we have begun to embrace in our school culture (SRR, technology integration, curriculum changes, etc.). I know it has been important to make sure we have the right balance to initiate a systemic change. This chapter discusses interdependence is the key to this right balance. It is important leaders foster degrees of autonomy but not isolate anyone along with continuing to support everyone in making a clear direction to the change needed (right balance). As leaders, we must be attentive to ongoing two-way communication through out the change process. ---Jennika

Why Are Common Standards Needed Across the State?

Missouri Learning Standards are part of the state's work in ensuring Missouri students are college and career ready once they graduate from high school. In the following video, Dr. Barbara Reys from the University of Missouri-Columbia provides answers to the question "why are common standards needed".
Dr. Barbara Reys - Common Core State Standards

Reminders & FYIs

  • Don't forget Seth will be offering "Pop In" PD on Friday's to help with technology questions you may have. Look for information coming from Seth.
  • Our first Tiger Trail 5K will take place on Saturday, November 9 from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Staff is invited to participate and/or help. Our Raymore Runners have been training for this day.

  • There has been a suggestion that we possibly create a banner to display our RE Pledge and hang in our school. We welcome any ideas regarding making the pledge more personal to creating a banner, etc. Please share with Renee or Jennika any of your ideas/thoughts/input by Thursday, Oct. 31.
  • Call or text Michelle & Jennika if you're going to be unexpectedly absent (after 4 pm day before). 616-4210 and 550-4434
  • Call or text Michelle if you will be in the building on the weekend! Protection One and Raymore PD contact her directly, so it's important she is aware in case a worry arises. 616-4210
  • Remember to keep reading and blogging if you are participating in the Fall Leader In Me Book Study. The book study ends Nov. 1.
  • Remember to check the RE Shared Calendar for events! We are still adding, and things change.
  • Remember to add your lesson plans to the Google RE Shared Folder each week.
  • Remember to add your current class schedule to the Google RE Shared Folder & before you implement changes; post outside your door too.

PLC: Our Mission, Vision, Values

As a professional learning community, we commit to three big ideas:

  1. Focus on Learning
  2. Build a Collaborative Culture
  3. Focus on Results

We answer four questions:

  1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations)
  2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)
  3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (DI Intervention)
  4. How will we respond if they already know it? (DI Extension)

To fulfill our mission & vision:

  • M: Preparing each student for a successful and meaningful life
  • V: Turning today's learners into tomorrow's leaders

With these commitments:

  • We are committed to consistency & accountability for each student's success.
  • We are committed to a system of support for students and adults.
  • We are committed to a safe, trusting and collaborative environment.
  • We are committed to best practices.
  • We are committed to high expectations for learning, behavior and citizenship.
  • We are committed to quality communication & positive relationships with all stakeholders
  • We are committed to effective communication regarding student progress.
  • We are committed to data-driven decision making.
  • We are committed to use of appropriate channels for communication.
  • We are committed to a guaranteed (consistent) and viable (doable) curriculum.
  • We are committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility while improving student achievement