Overvierw of Holocaust

The holocaust is when Adolf Hitler had taken control of Germany

and convinced many of the Germans to hate Jewish people.

Which had happened between 1933-1945.

Many Jews were captured and ended up in concentrations camps

where they would put them to work or killed them.

Definition/Background Information

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Buchenwald was a concentration camp that was made in 1937

it was one of the first ones, when they first used it they put males

only between the age of16-60. Until the late 1943

or early 1944 they started letting women into it.

How Were They Torchered In Buchenwald?

The Jews either died from over working, starvation,

chemical gasses, and if they were to weak to work they would

inject random chemicals into them. About 700 would

die a month if they were in Buchenwald.


"Prisoners during a roll call at the Buchenwald concentration camp. Their uniforms bear classifying triangular badges and identification numbers. Buchenwald, Germany, 1938-1941."

— US Holocaust Memorial Museum


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