Read to find out a good survival guide for the apocalypse

Appalachian Highlands

Why Appalachian highlands, Appalachian highlands is probably the best place to be during the zombie apocalypse because not only does it have a lot of hiding places but it has mountains that make you exhausted from going up and down them which means you could have a chance of out running them. It also has Piedmont the plateau area at the foot of the appalachian mountains, the oldest mountains in north america. It also extends from canada to alabama. I would rate this area 8 stars because you still have a chance of dying.

Basin and Range

The basin and range would also be a good region to be in because it has plateaus that you could climb and possibly stay up there for shelter or something. It also contains death valley the lowest point in north america. It is west of the rocky mountains and east of the sierra and the cascades. I would rate this region a 9 because it involves good places for shelter but the bad thing is its very hot in the basin and range so there is a chance of you dying from over heating.

Canadian shield

The Canadian shield would also be a good region to be in during the zombie apocalypse because it has the hudson bay and the great lakes which would give you a good supply of fresh water when needed. It involves hills worn by erosion, hundred of lakes formed by melted glaciers, and some of the oldest rock formations in america. I would rate this region a 6 because the terrain there may to big or tiring.

Pictures of these two regions