Chicago Illinois

The Most beautiful city in the U.S!

Place- What is it like to live in Chicago?

Chicago is a big city and it has nice people, but there are a lot of homeless people walking around the streets. The apartments sell at a median price, meaning not average. Segregation is a big problem in Chicago, you can tell by riding the CTA. Almost everyone mentioned the violence and crime in the city, as it's a mutual concern among the civilians. Traffic can last a while too. Construction there can go on for months, making it harder for people like me to be getting in and out of the city each week.

Location- Where is Chicago on the map?

Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. When Chicago was founded in 1833, most of the early building began around the mouth of the Chicago River, as can be seen on a map of the city's original 58 blocks.The city lies beside huge freshwater Lake Michigan, and two rivers—the Chicago river in downtown and the Calumet river in the industrial far South Side—flow entirely or partially through Chicago. Chicago's history and economy are closely tied to its proximity to Lake Michigan.

Movement- Why do people move to and from Chicago?

People move to and from Chicago possibly for cheaper apartments. Compared to Boston and New York, it is still affordable. There are many people who have moved to those cities from Chicago within the past few years who can attest to this. People might move away or to Chicago because of school districts or quieter areas.

Human-Environment Interaction- How do people interact with the world around them in Chicago?

Transports on the river.

Landscaping of the park.

The park itself - the remnants of the great fire of 1871 dumped into the lake.

Use of the lake.

Tunneling (lower wacker).

Cars/industry - create pollution

Lighting - this disturbs many animals that may live/have lived in the area.

Public transport - reducing air pollution

Fireworks at NY - increasing air pollution

Region- How is Chicago alike to areas around it?

Chicago is mostly alike with weather. Due to living on Lake Michigan, Chicago can get high lake effect snow like in Wisconsin and MIchigan. Chicago is a Huge City like New York City, and Detroit. Chicago also lives next to one of the great lakes, like Michigan and Wisconsin.
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