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Edmodo Revealed

Dear Parent(s) of a STEAM-link Student

As many of you are aware, we will be introducing STEAM-link students to a really good tool on Tuesday in class. Edmodo is a school safe social media program allowing students, parents, and teachers to easily communicate a variety of important elements between each other.

Our goal is to have a central hub for all of us to turn to for answers on the daily homework, tasks, and vital information presented in class on any specific day. Edmodo will also allow for collaboration between us all in a safe and secure environment.

In light of this new tool, I will be hosting a couple of Edmodo based meetings. Please see below for those dates and times. These workshops are not "required" but are meant to only be supplemental. If you plan on attending either of them please drop one of the STEAM-link teachers a note. Virtual meetings are limited to 10 participants at any given time.

Education Events

Edmodo Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 7th 2012 at 3:30-4:30pm

Virtual World

Using the Join Me website and software. This meeting will take place in a virtual environment. It is limited to 10 people per session.

Edmodo On-site Workshop

Tuesday, Nov. 13th 2012 at 3:15-4:15pm

River's Edge High School Portable 17

Forrest McKinnis will be putting on a hour long Edmodo Workshop for parent(s) of Homelink students in the STEAM program. This workshop will cover the "basics" of Edmodo and will focus on answering any questions parents may have after using Edmodo.

Please RSVP to Mr. Forrest McKinnis /

Put - "Edmodo Workshop Sign Up" in subject line of email.