By: Denisse Carrillo


1. Hearth-the floor of a fire place

Book: " she curled up on the stone hearth, which was cool on her burned paws" page 63

My sentence: They were sitting around the hearth.

2. Plod-walk doggedly and slowly with heavy steps

Book: " how sad that she was forced to plod through the woods with me as I stumbled" page 65

My sentence: We plodded back up the hill.

3. Famished- extremely hungry

Book: " that's how famished she was" page 69

My sentence: The hikers were famished by the time they reached camp.

While I was reading...

1. The question I thought about was why would Green change her name to Ash because she felt like she was herself anymore.

2. I think what may happen next is that Green is will start to heal because I believe something good will happen.

3. As I was reading I pictured how Green was change because she was being nice to her neighbor and giving her food.

4. I made a connection to self when I read it because I know how it is to help others instead of themselves.


1.Green says- most of the ashes have fallen to the ground, leaving the horizon a faint washed out blue.

2.Green thinks- that her sister was cleaning the ashes

3. Green makes others feel good- because she gives food to her neighbor and heather.

4. Green does- makes food for the two dogs, two birds, a hawk, her neighbor and a boy she calls diamond.

5. Diamond looks- like a boy who lost he mother and does like to show his face.


Over time as she takes care of herself, through interactions with several kinds of animals that doe on her, silent boy she calls Diamond, and a kind old neighbor, Green starts to heal from her pain.