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Week 7 Christmas Term: 13th September - 16th September 2016

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Language Arts in Focus; The Magic 100

It has been two full terms since we all got together at the Year Ahead and talked about the amazing things we would do during our Prep 1 year. One component of this journey has been learning our Magic 100 words. The children love this dynamic scheme for learning their tricky words and all have moved within it according to their own readiness as learners. Parents sometimes ask us how to best support their children's learning at home, and we have decided to focus our newsletter this week on reviewing some of the best strategies. We hope you find this helpful, and of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

The Magic 100 scheme caters for all children individually. Magic 100 provides sets of words on colored word - mats for your child to be working on at home and in class. We will regularly work with each child individually and when they can instantly recognize all the words on their mat your child will receive a colored certificate for that set, and be given the next color set of words.

We respect that every child develops at their own pace in the Early Years which means this program is by all means not a race to progress quickly through the scheme. Furthermore, a child who is particularly adept at sight recognition may have goals in other areas, for example attending to meaning. Similarly a child with strong comprehension skills may still be struggling with some sight work recognition.

Please enjoy and we are sure you will join us in encouraging success for your child through the program. As always, if you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to talk to your classroom teacher!

Here are some fun activities to support your child's home learning:

Sight word activities

  • Memory games.
  • Make a sentence with the sight word in it.
  • Cut out the sight words and place them in alphabetical order.

Magnetic letter activities

  • Make sight words.
  • Make word families e.g. cat, mat, hat. Change to set, jet, let etc
  • Create simple sentences or lists e.g. let’s make a list of what we’re having for dinner tonight.
  • Rainbow writing; choose 5 different colored pencils and write the word 5 times using a different color each time.

Mini whiteboard and marker activities

  • Writing words in books, or from around the house.
  • Writing sight words that have been created with magnetic letters.

Create your own book/story

  • Staple some paper together to look like a book.
  • Draw pictures to create a story about a topic of interest.
  • After all of the pictures have been drawn, work together to put words/sentences to match the pictures.

A Magical Tip: It may be helpful to focus on only 2 or 3 sight words at a time and when these can be instantly recalled move on to another 2 or 3 words. Happy Reading!

Celebration of Learning

Thank you so much for coming to the last Celebration of Learning for the Prep 1 year. The children have learned so much this year, and as each week passes they get more prepared for Prep 2. The Amazing Animals parade is just around the corner after the mid-term break. We will be excited to have you there!

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