WANTED: Dead or Alive!!!

Howell Davis A.K.A Dave or Davies

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Dave is 5'11 with long, dark brown hair. He always wears a hat and is clever with his disguises. He can very easily be deceptive to the eye.

Early Life

Dave was born in Wales and was working as a first mate on the slave ship, Cadogan.

Career Beginning

Dave was a Welsh pirate whose career began on July 11, 1718 after coverting to piracy when his ship was taken over He is notorious for capturing English and French ships. He chose to covert to piracy and was leading the ship to Brazil when his crew mutinied and instead sailed to Barbados. In Barbados, he was captured but then released. Dave found a new boat and crew and was elected captain. Dave then made his way over to Cape Verde where he captured a larger ship and used it as his main ship in his fleet. Dave then partnered with French pirate, Olivier Levasseur (La Buse) and Thomas Cocklyn to maximize his plundering but broke up that partnership over a drunken agruement.

Last Known Whereabouts

Dave decided to disguise himsef as a Royal Navy pirate hunter and deceive the govenor of Principe, an island off the coast of Portugal. Dave was last seen on his way to an invited dinner with the governor of Principe when he was ambushed and shot to death by soldiers of the govenor wh has seen through his disguise. It was decided that one of Dave's men, Bartholomew Roberts who attacked Principe that night to avenge Dave's death.

Hobbies and Interests

Dave's hobbies included sailing and capturing ships. He was very much a ladies man but unfortunately never was married. He died knowing that he would never truly love and would spend all his life out on the open sea.

Likes and Dislikes

Dave loved sailing and being a pirate just as much as he loved his ladies. He enjoyed diguising himself to deceive others and was very good at it! Dave didn't really have many dislikes except for mutiny.

Hang outs

Dave was known for hanging out in the Bahamas and around foreign French and English ports.

Dave was wanted for his plundering of royal French and English ships. Even though his career only lasted 11 months, he is still well known for his plundering.