people and sciences

learning about 4 people

Jon Bohmer

  • cooking with the sun
  • first person to cook with sunlight
  • a card board box can cook and boil water
  • you need to boil water before drinking it
  • cover it with tin foal

DIjanna figueroa

  • spends 12 hours in a lab every day
  • she study things in the sea
  • she works as a project scientist at the marine scientists in California
  • she allow gets young people interested in real life
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Mitchell w. pryor

  • He is a robot engender
  • he teaches robotic engendering
  • Robots can do the exact same thing every time
  • Today robots don't look the same as they did in science fiction movies
  • They can also work for a long pried of time without braking down
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Agnes Reilly

  • in 1999 Agnes Reilly moved to new York City
  • She learned to fix computers
  • she worked for a company in Hungary that old computers and fix them
  • she became a computer technical
  • she is from Budapest Hungary
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