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Athletic Update - as of May 29th - Special Edition

Resumption of Strength and Conditioning Program

As you know from last week’s special update the State of Ohio, the Governor's Office and the OHSAA has now opened training opportunities up for our student/athletes at Eastwood and for all Ohio Student/Athletes to resume some Athletic Programming. They have been very detailed on how things should be done, what can be done and dates for when you could start these activities. It was very unexpected, which has put us in planning mode to make sure that we do things the right way and take our time in developing the plans to do so.

As you can understand, we as an administrative and coaching team have the responsibility to create this plan, keeping safety of the athletes and coaches in mind, before we will start any type of programming. We must be diligent in our planning keeping in mind guidance from the Governor’s Office, OHSAA, and our local health officials.

Our plans are geared to protect not only our athletes and coaches, but to people at home as well. Research says that 40% of young people who are infected with COVID show no symptoms so they could be carriers when they come home and have the ability to spread to others. That is why the Social Distancing while they are here is so important and something that we will really be stressing to everyone involved in this programming.

In the past we have just simply opened up our weight room on certain dates and times and athletes would come and workout sometimes with their teams or individually. However, this summer we will need to do things much differently. The policies and procedures for the weight room will extend to other skill workouts. There will be more guidance on that next week. It should also be noted that ONLY CURRENT Eastwood students will be permitted to use the facilities this summer. We know that alumni enjoy coming back and working out, but given the current circumstances, we cannot accommodate them this summer.

Below you will find the workout schedule for the times and days for each Fall Sport. If you intend to play a Fall Sport and you have not yet contacted the coach, please do that ASAP so that you can be included in these workouts. We also have blocked out times and days for the non-Fall Athletes to workout as well but in order to come to those, athletes will need to sign up on a Google Doc provided in this email to let us know that they are coming, so that we can plan accordingly due to the constraints on size of groups.

Attached are two very important documents. The first will be the guidelines for training in the weight room. These rules govern how students will arrive to school, how they will check in before each workout, and define expected behaviors. The second document is a waiver that must be signed before a student can use our facilities this summer. It may be turned in at the first workout.

**We will be starting only weight lifting/conditioning workouts on Wednesday, June 3rd**

As stated above, our first priority is to get our weightroom up and running safely first before we begin any sports specific skills training. We are in the process of having our coaches develop a list of skills that they intend to do with our athletes in each sport so that we can review those.

The State of Ohio and the OHSAA have developed very detailed and restrictive guidelines on what things we can and cannot do in these skills training. Right now athletes cannot do any group activities where multiple athletes can touch the balls at one time. They also cannot do any competitive games or contests. Whatever drills and skills our coaches can do with our athletes have to keep Social Distancing guidelines involved with that drill/skill.

We need time to develop what those guidelines will look like so we are holding off on starting that portion of the athletic activities for now. When we do start those activities all of the things that we are doing now with the weightlifting part will still take place such as Self Health Checks, Coaches Check in, Sanitizing of equipment, and Social Distancing will all still take place as well.

This entire announcement with attachments to the Waiver Form and the Safety Guidelines was sent out as an email to all of our students grades 7-12 this morning.

Waiver for Participation





Pursuant to the Order issued by Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton on May 22, 2020, skills training for all sports and general non-contact sports is now permitted, provided all applicable safety standards are met. The Eastwood Local School District (“District”) Board of Education (“Board”) is pleased to provide the below-named student (“Student”) with the opportunity to use the District’s athletic facilities and grounds to engage in strength and conditioning training along with sports skills training.

Close physical contact and interaction between participants are common features of sports skills and strength and conditioning training, as is the use of shared surfaces, such as mats, floors, weights, balls, and other equipment. Uniquely, the Student’s participation in sports skills and strength and conditioning training, will be occurring during the COVID-19 global pandemic, wherein the risk of contracting a highly contagious and potentially lethal disease is increased by close physical contact and interaction between people, and through the use of shared surfaces. While the District will endeavor to take precautions for the safety of individuals using the District’s athletic facilities and grounds, including complying with all applicable safety standards, there can be no guarantee that these precautions will prevent the Student from contracting COVID-19, or any other highly contagious disease, which could result in sickness, injury, or death.

Therefore, in consideration of the Board’s agreement to permit the Student to use the District’s athletic facilities and grounds to engage in sports skills and strength and conditioning training, the undersigned Student and his/her parent/guardian hereby release the Board, its members, employees, agents, and volunteers, in both their official and individual capacities, from any and all liability or demands for personal injury, psychological injury, sickness, or death, which may be incurred by the Student as a result of his/her contraction of COVID-19 or any other contagious disease, as a consequence of such use. This release and waiver of liability shall be effective as of the date of its signature.

Student Name: __________________________________

Student Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________

Safety Guidelines For Participation



Daily Self-Symptom Check

● Coaches and students must do a self-symptom check before going to a

training/practice session. Anyone experiencing symptoms of fever (> 100.4) cough,

sore throat or shortness of breath must stay home.

**If anyone in an athletes household or someone they have been in contact with has been tested for COVID 19 and is awaiting test results or is confirmed positive for COVID 19 the athlete has to Quarantine for 14 days before they can return to on campus athletic activities.

Drop Off / Pick Up

● Students must arrive and train at their scheduled time unless cleared with the coach

in charge.

● Students are not permitted to congregate together before or after training times.

They are to remain in their vehicles until their time to report, and must depart after

their sessions end.

● Parents who are dropping-off and picking-up their students should wait in their

vehicles and not enter the athletic facility area(s).

● Students should not be dropped off early and need to be picked up on time. If a

parent arrives early their studnet should remain in the vehicle with them until their

time comes.

Daily Attendance Tracking

● Coaches will complete the OHSAA COVID-19 Athlete/Coach Monitoring Form for

each day students report for Strength and Conditioning or Sports Skills Training.

Students will not be permitted to fill in the information.

Student/Athlete Participation

● A no-touch rule is in effect. All individuals must avoid physical contact with others

including high fives, fist bumps, huddles, or other close contact occurring before,

during and after training/practice sessions unless the contact is for the purpose of


● Students need to bring their own water/beverage bottles. They should not be shared.

The use of school coolers, water fountains, and water stations will not be permitted.

● All students will be required to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to

starting a new activity.

● Equipment will be wiped down between each use.

● Students will receive two warnings for non-compliance with these guidelines. A third

violation will result in the loss of privileges to attend.

● Students should come dressed for physical activity as all locker rooms will be locked

and not available. Main hall restrooms will be available for emergency use only if


● Due to the check in procedures students arriving late to their scheduled workout

times may not be able to participate in that day’s workout.

Team Workout Schedule

This is the team workout schedule that we will start with. You will notice that there are time/day blocks available for students who are not playing a Fall Sport. If those students want to participate they must contact Brian Sabo our Weight Room Supervisor to reserve their spot for those days and times. This is necessary do the limits of students we can train at any one time and so that they can plan accordingly.

Here is the Daily Schedule - Fall Athletes will also be contacted by their coaches to let them know of the schedule and expectations for their participation. These times may need to be adjusted as we work through the schedule the first week or two.


Cross Country - 7:00am

Girls Soccer - 9:30am

Volleyball - 10:30am

No Fall Athletes - 11:30-12:30


Non Fall Athletes - 6:00-7:30am

Football - 8 - 10am

Boys Soccer - 10:15am - 11:15am

Non Fall Athletes - 11:30-12:30


Cross Country - 7:00am

Girls Soccer - 9:30am

Volleyball - 10:30am

Non Fall Athletes - 11:30-12:30


Non Fall Athletes - 6:00-7:30am

Football - 8 - 10am

Boys Soccer - 10:15-11:15am

Non Fall Athletes - 11:30-12:30


Cross Country - 7:00am

Football - 8 - 10am

Non Fall Athletes - 10:30-11:30am

Fall Sports Contact People

I sent emails out to all of the incoming 7-12 students last week with contact information for them to contact the coaches list below if they were interested in playing any Fall Sport next year. Normally our coaches have meetings at the end of the school year to find this information out but this year that was not possible. If your son or daughter has not yet done this please have them contact the coaches below to let them know about their intent next Fall.

If you are interested in being involved with High School athletics next Fall please see the list of coaches below with their email address and send them an email to let them know so that they can start to develop their lists and so they can keep in contact with you through this time we are away from school.

HS Football - Craig Rutherford (

HS Boys Golf - Mike Gardner (

HS Girls Golf - John Cavendish (

HS Volleyball - Jeff Beck (

HS Girls Soccer - Megan Rutherford (

HS Cross Country - Nathan Howard (

HS Boys Soccer - Jeff Hill (

HS Cheerleaders - Deanne Corken (

*I have all Boys Soccer athletes responding to me for now since we are in the process of hiring coaches for that position.

If you are interested in being involved with Junior High athletics next Fall please see the list of coaches below with their email address and send them an email to let them know so that they can start to develop their lists and so they can keep in contact with you through this time we are away from school.

JH Football: Coach Brian Sabo (

JH Volleyball: Julie Hannan (

JH Cross Country: Cindy Stanfield (

JH Cheerleading: Jeff Hill (