Friday, October 2, 2015

Need 2 Know


All Cohort 1, 2, 3, & 4A members needing registration to GaETC must have it complete by Monday, October 5th or your registration will be given to Cohort 4B members. Please refer to your e-mail for instructions.


Early next week you will receive a link to two different presentations. It is ESSENTIAL that you read and understand the information included. These presentations concern:

  1. Vanguard School-Based Teams: Starting a "Van"chise
  2. Vanguard Expectations and Procedures

Vanguard Learning Community Leaders

Because we are such a large group, we will start to rely more heavily on our Vanguard Leadership Team and Learning Community Leaders. In addition to contacting me, please feel free to contact your VanLeadership for assistance.

NE Learning Community Lead: Pam Kelly

NW Learning Community Lead: Beth Miller

Central Learning Community Lead: Tierra Reed

South Learning Community Lead: Karen Artis

Shortly, we will have elementary, middle, and high school leads within each learning community as another support/resource for you to contact!

Did You Know?

Our Vanguard roster contains information about each of our members and is located on our website. You can use the searchable table to find someone or take a peek at our "Information Cards" to find out who might be able to help you learn more about a particular topic!

Roving Reporter

Thank you to Heather Van Looy and Gina Ceely from River Trail MS for allowing me to visit for our second Roving Reporter segment. If you missed the live broadcast, you can check it out here! Next week I'll travel to Bear Creek to view their Teach to One: Math Lab! We'll air live on Safari Montage on Thursday, October 8 @ 1:30!
Roving Reporter #2

Vanguard Tasks

VanTeam Meetings At Each School

At each of your schools, please arrange to have a Vanguard team meeting. It's important for your school teams to touch base, discuss your coaching assignments, etc. The Vanguard members at Dolvin held a meeting recently to discuss a variety of things. The corresponding picture is of their agenda.

Coaching Reflections

If you're interested in knowing whether or not you've completed your monthly reflections, visit to view the master list. I will check the document periodically and update the spreadsheet. By now, cohorts 1, 2, 3 should be done with August and September. Cohort 4A should complete September only.

Speak Now....

The VanLeadership team met to develop a mission and vision to represent who we are and the work that we do. We would like your thoughts and constructive feedback on both items. They are currently on our "What Is Vanguard?" page. If you feel strongly for or against these items, or have suggestions, please e-mail me at:

Vanguard Coaching Reflections

To view whether or not you are marked as complete for a monthly coaching reflection, please visit Periodically I will check the reflections and update the document. If you have completed a reflection and it has not been recorded after a significant period of time, please let me know!

Interesting Read

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About Us

The Vanguard team builds the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills, and interests of all students.