Akira Toriyana

Laisha N. Lopez


Akari Toriyama was born in 1955. He joined the School of Art in 1974, and left it in 1977. His first manga was launched in 1978, and was called Wonder Island, and his first big hit was Dr. Slump in 1980. Later, Dragon Ball was released in 85, and in 87 his son Sasuke was born. Three years later his daughter was introduced into the world.

He loved computer games, Jackie Chan movies, the animated movie 101 Dalmatians, and his favorite character of his own was Picolo. He was a popular game designer for games like the Dragon Quest series and Blue Dragon. Akari earned a Shogakukan Manga Award with “Dr. Slump.”

Akari recalls that all his classmates from elementary drew a lot of Manga. He thinks he advanced above everyone else due to his style.
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Akira's Mangas

Dragon Ball

This famous story with the many series following it, such as Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and more, is the tale of a young boy who lived and was trained by his grandfather, Son Gohan. He takes the name after him as Son Goku. With his monkey tail that gives him a mysterious power. With the help of his friends, he finds the other Dragon Balls(since he had the Fourth one). But with the evil emperor on the hunt for the Dragon Balls too for world domination, will he be able to get them all in time?
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Dr. Slump

The story of a little girl robot is written and drawn through out the pages of this Manga, she is known as Arale Norimaki, and her creator, Senbei Norimaki. The area they live is full of co-existing anthropomorphic animals and objects. Arale is a naive child-robot in need of eyeglasses and adventerous. Senbei had created her to be the perfect little girl. With her misunderstanding of humanity, who knows what could happen in their little village.
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Dragon Ball Z

Now that Goku's all grown up, he has bigger problems and better solutions. He's become stronger than he used to and faces more dangerous enemies. He holds a family and his son looks up to him. But with the new dangers around, will his strength and super power be enough to defeat it?
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