The Subway

November 23, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we are thankful for all of our substitutes who help us keep schools open and play an essential role in educating students. Your continued support and commitment to MSBSD has allowed us to keep students in school this year! To show our appreciation for all of your hard work, the District offers an incentive payment for subs who work regularly. Below is a break down of the incentive payments that are available.

Incentive Pay

Substitutes who work 30 Days and 100 Days in a fiscal year will qualify for a lump sum payment.


  • 30 Day Incentive: $150.00
  • 100 Day Incentive: $300.00

*Eligibility is tracked by fiscal year. Service in all substitute categories are eligible.

The Frontline website has always been a great place to manage your preferences and search for available jobs. It's even more convenient now with the mobile Frontline Education app. Below are instructions to get you started.

Access the app store on your mobile device and download the Frontline Education app. Once the download is complete, you will click Get Started to proceed to a sign in page. From there, select "Or Sign In with Organization SSO" and click Sign In. Next, enter your District email address to look up the MSBSD sign in page. The last step is to enter your active directory credentials (ab012345) and your password. If you have any issues signing in to the app, please contact HR at

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Payroll History and Personnel Updates

Munis Self Serve offers access to your personnel and payroll information. You can access your pay stubs, change your w-4, or update your personal information all from one location. If you haven't familiarized yourself with the site, we highly recommend taking a look!

Visit the following link for instructions to log in to Munis Self Serve and see an overview of all features is available: Guide to Munis Self Serve