Relay For Life University

Week 1 | Welcome


Welcome to the American Cancer Society, and to the Relay For Life team! Your decision to join the Relay family is a great one, and we are excited to have you on board. This is an incredible organization that cannot provide the life saving programs and services without the amazing work you will be doing. Whether you know it yet or not, your job here is literally helping save lives, and put an end to cancer!

In order to help prepare you for this incredible job, your training starts TODAY! Over the next 3 months you will work closely with your Sr. Manager and the Relay For Life training team to as you learn all there is to know about your role as a Relay Specialist. Please know that we are in this together, and confident you will come out of your on-boarding training ready to lead your volunteers into successful Relay For Life events!

How this will work...

Each week you will get an email from us. During this week it will give your assignments of things to Do, Read, and Join. It will also tell your goals of things to learn for that week. You will do, join, and read things. You will shadow your manager and peers. You will ask questions. By the end of it all, you will be a rockstar staff partner! You ready? Let's get started!

What you will focus on for Week 1...

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Get Out of that Office and Into That Car...

If you thought this position was a desk job, you are in the wrong role. This job is all about people and relationships. Your ability to connect with your volunteers and your community is vital to your success, and building your skills in this area starts NOW!

Over the next few weeks you will spend a portion of your week out with your manager or a member of your team to shadow their days in their community. Your job on days where you are shadowing is to watch what they do and ask questions. Their job while you are shadowing is to talk to you about what they are doing, why they are doing it, and maybe even give you a chance to try it out!

Your Tasks For This Week

Need Help?

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