High School Survival Guide

Maddie Shields & Haevyn Risley

1. Make friends with the new kids

Everyone was a new kid at one time. It can be hard going into a new school, in a new town, with new kids you know nothing about. Every new kid struggles with trying to fit in. It makes it extra hard when no one even attempts to befriend them. They are teenagers too. They are going through the same exact problems as you only they have to do it without thinking they even have a friend. So next time you see a new kid instead of judging what they are wearing or what you have heard about them smile at them, talk to them. Who knows you may just find you are more like them then you think.
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2. Always stay on top of your school work & never procrastinate

Do not get behind. If you ever get behind you will never be able to catch up on it all. Seriously, it will never happen. No matter how much you try. Do not do it. Staying on top of all your school stuff will help the school year go smoother and help you get to college. It is easier to get ahead and stay ahead. No matter how tempting it is never procrastinate.
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3. Be careful what you say

Someone is always watching you. Sometimes it is a underclassman looking for guidance. Other times it is a teacher who admires you as a person. Most of the time though it is little kid, looking up to you because your a big bad high school kid and in their eyes you're what they want to become. You have to be careful though because no matter what someone has their eye on you..

High School is a time you get a lot more freedom. More than you are use to. With this freedom comes responsibility. However none of us are perfect. We all have to be careful because one bad decision could ruin what people think of you.

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4. Image does not mean everything (but it means a lot)

When we say image we do not mean how you dress. We mean how you present yourself. Your "reputation," in simpler terms. Reputations are something everyone has. Everyone is known for something. A major lesson you will learn in high school is this, a reputation can take a life time to build and just one bad decision to change it. People say that, "it does not matter what someone else thinks about you. It matters what you think about yourself." Which is true, to an extent. However it does matter what a teacher thinks of you. They could be vital to you getting a scholarship. It does matter what a future employer thinks. They have your future job in their hands. So be careful and think hard and long before you do something that could potentially effect you.
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5. Be involved

Canadian High School has a ton of extracurricular events you can get involved in. The more involved you are the faster high school will seem to go. Not only are extracurricular activities good for putting on college applications they also are great for teaching valuable life lessons that can help you all your life.

There are so many clubs and extracurricular activities to join in high school here are a few:

  • Spanish Club
  • SADD
  • Athletics
  • Band
  • FFA
  • 4H
  • FCA
  • Student Council
  • Student Senate
  • Cheer leading
  • Spirit Club

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6. Get the hard classes out of the way (before the senioritis plague hits you and takes you down)

The more hard classes you get out of the way early the easier your course load will be your senior year. Which will come in handy especially when you have the dreadful "senioritis" that plagues that hits CHS every year. The earlier you get them out of the way the better you will do. That will also give you more time your senior year to worry about your future instead of your high school classes.

(If you are one of the freshman who walked into the school the first day talking about how ready you are to graduate. All we can say is..good luck. You will need it. The road ahead will be especially long for you. You are too far gone for our advice to benefit you)

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7. Make Sure to Dress appropriately

What you wear says a lot about you. What you wear represents the school and the other students in your class. You want to wear something that is comfortable, because eight hours of school are not going to be fun in red carpet wear with sky high heels. Obeying the dress code is an important part of making it through high school without having to spend every day in lunch dentition. Also, do not forget to look up the definition of torso...ladies. Modest is best.
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8. he loves me he loves me not

Ask any high school female what she is rolling her eyes about and chances are he has a name and she will tell you all about it. No matter how many grownups tell us that dating in high school is a bad idea..chances are we are going to do it anyway. Dating is hard enough as is but when you factor in a relationship with an age difference it is just that much harder. However, hard does not mean impossible. Everybody says that high school relationships will not last. For the majority, that is true, but it is not impossible. It is a learning experience, and will help you grow and mature before college.
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9. Be respectful to everyone & everything

High School is a time kids branch out. They find just who they are as a person. They find what makes them unique and special. Although High School can be scary at times it is nothing compared to what tv shows and movies make it out to be. There is not a big bully who walks around terrorizing teachers and students by stealing their lunch money. There are conflicts though. The most important thing to remember is everyone is facing challenges. They might not be the same ones you are facing but they are just as scary. Things like boys, body image issues, stress, and being overwhelmed go through every girls mind. The most important thing to remember is to respect others and they are a thousand times more likely to respect you. After all if we are all struggling with the same issues why not help each other as apposed to tearing each other down.
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10. Be organized & Friendly to the smart ones (You may need them)

Those kids you called nerds in middle school because they liked to study. When you get in high school you might consider making friends or perhaps bribing them with a calculator or some sharp pencils. Trust us, you will want them on your side. You will soon find out you are now in a land where big brains reign supreme.

You will also soon find out being organized seems to be a lost cause for most high school kids but for the few that do decide to even put their papers in a folder...it makes a difference. Planners are vital for keeping on top of eight classes of homework. Nothing is easier than looking at a little box to find all of your homework as opposed to flipping through a folder for 30 minutes.

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