Trip to New Mexico

By: Trey Goodspeed

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This picture of hermits peak was one of the adventures we went on that added to the value of nature.

"We cut down a tree with chainsaws and made it into firewood, and this made me appreciate the importance of trees in the forest."

"We also went on a hike through the mountains and saw some exotic wildlife and many waterfalls."

"But one of the highlights of the week was when we ran into a big field of flowers and took a lot of pictures, most of them were us laying in the flowers."


The intro theme song for the T.V. Show "Friends" helps us understand how important it is to have them.

"We played airsoft in the forest which was very competitive and fun, except for when I lost and had bruises all over my body."

"They helped me on my hikes and showed me how to do certain things the right way."

"I had brought two friends with me, and they added a lot to the experience of this trip."

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This picture of our family reminds me that I would be lost without my family.

"My family told me lots of stories about where I came from which would never have been figured out without them."

"They cooked every night for me and my friends which allowed us to be energized throughout the week."

"They also taught us many lessons from family stories to crazy experiences certain people had."

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