Message From the Middle

February 5, 2016

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! We want to welcome our new students who joined us third quarter, We are happy to have become part of the Middle School.

Today is our last day before carnival recess. There are a few important items we would like to share with you... School will reopen on Monday, February 15, 2016. Our Middle School field day is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th. We would love to have at least 20 volunteers, who mainly act as score keepers and help out supervising the different activities. You can contact our main office if you are willing to participate. You can also let the PTSO know as well. We depend on your support to make this an enjoyable day for all.

Our MS “Mathletes” returned from El Salvador with their coaches, Ms. Culberson and Mr. Borras. We cannot tell you how proud we are of these students. They placed first in the overall competition out of 36 teams, representing 18 schools throughout Central America. Great students, great coaches and great teamwork!

We had another big win at the Middle School. Eighth grader, Maya Redington won first place in the local and regional competitions in the VFW Patriot’s Pen contest. She is now one of 54 students competing in the finals; Thousands of students participate in this contest across the U.S. and in selected international areas. Congratulations, Maya on your winning essay. We wish you luck.

Please mark Saturday, March 5, 2016 on your calendar for the Spring Dragon Festival. We also want to remind you that the PTSO has asked for your donations for their gift baskets. This is a very popular activity and the lucky winners are always thrilled with the prizes.

The themes are as follows:

5th Grade: BBQ and Picnic Day

6th Grade: Spa Treatment

7th Grade: Sports

8th Grade: Sports

We have been working very hard preparing for our accreditation. We are in the process of consolidating our data and writing our reports. We want to thank you for your help and participation. Balboa Academy is a great school and we continually strive to make it even better!

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable vacation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Middle School office 302-0032.

Rita Sosa

Principal, Middle School

“Together we cultivate a caring community of lifelong learners, independent thinkers, and builders of a promising future.”