Audio/Video Technology and Film

Mrs. Johnson

Grades are up-to-date for Audio and Video Technology and Film

You can now check your parent auditor account to see the most updated grade for your child. As a reminder, after each two week grading period, I update grades based on what assignments were listed on the course schedule. Zeros will be in the place for work that has not been submitted. Contact will be made with the student, parent and facilitator if the average is below “70”. If students have not submitted work that was due February 13, zeros have been entered into gradebook. The next assignment due date is February 27.

Late Work Policy

After the Assignments Due Date, students have 5 school days to submit late work. 10% will be deducted from Saturday – Monday, 20% will be deducted Tuesday, 30% Wednesday, 40% Thursday, and 50% Friday. No late work will be taken after the Friday following the due date.

Extra Learning Opportunity

An ELO is currently available for all students. Information about this ELO has been placed on the course homepage and the class discussion board. Students interested in completing the ELO should read the information provided on the course site, and then ask me any questions they might still have. The ELO'S due date is 3/20.

Dance/Music video

18/16 week students are currently working on either a dance or music video. Please encourage your son or daughter to work daily on this project. All elements of the three stages of production at key to the development of a strong submission.

Commercial video

14 week students are in the final stages of producing their commercial. I look forward to seeing these videos. This project is very demanding of the students, and I look forward to seeing how the student's like to advertise their products.

Spring Break

GAVS's Spring Break is coming up soon. Please remember to have your student check the course schedule to see what assignments are due. GAVS does not recognize the home high school SB schedule; therefore, it is important to submit assignments on time. More information concerning SB will be released closer to the break.

AVTF class chat

Wednesday, March 11th, 6-7pm

This is an online event.

Every Wednesday 6-7pm

Students are invited to learn extended material beyond what the course site offers, ask questions about assignments, seek feedback regarding to personal work for the course, and even view work from their classmates. The link to the session is email prior to the meeting, or it can be accessed from the course homepage.