Bring on the 30 in 30!

Hey 1st Impressions Team!

We've made it to NOVEMBER (better titled GO-VEMBER from all the momentum we gain at this time of year). This is THE month to go BIG, to DREAM BIG, and to work your business. It's the month where you can BEAT your BEST, sell the most, style the most, IMPACT the most, promote the most, all while earning the MOST in commissions of the YEAR.

And for sure we're going to have A LOT of FUN this month too!

So whether you've done a little S&D here and there, haven't done anything in months, or if you've been consistent and are ready to really ramp it up, now is the time to dive in because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

BHAG (Big, Huge, Audacious, Goals) happen this month every year.

Invest time and effort in your business and you will be sitting around the holiday table so thankful for what you've accomplished AND thankful for the impact that you've made for others (customers, your family, your team, your community, etc).

Bring on the fun!

Big picture

Here's your challenge: Get 30 orders in 30 days - your way, your pace :)

With every order you take, you're getting CASH commissions. People are buying so let's help them check off their gift lists with ease so you can earn more! You could sell via:

  • Style Sessions (aka Trunk Shows)
  • 1:1 Personal Styling/Shopping Appointments
  • Share-a-bag
  • Social Media
  • Pop Ups at Vendors/Marketplaces
  • Virtual Styling & Personal Holiday Shopping Services

You do it your way around your schedule!

PRIZES ARE COMING and you're eligible all month long!

I'll be raffling off prizes 4x this month. I'll be able to see your sales but will count on you to post your order # on our

1st Impressions Team Facebook Pages:

If you're not yet members, request to be on that page or ask your upline leader to add you :)



RAFFLE #1: Entries for those who've sold 500 pqv by 11/5

RAFFLE #2: Entires for those who've sold 1500 by 11/15

RAFFLE #3: Entries for those who've sold 2000 by 11/20

RAFFLE #4: Entries for those who've sold 3000+ by 11/30

See the pattern? Easy peasy! Some of you will crank this out the first week and some will get their entries near the end. However you choose to work it into your month is great!

We're at Day 1

To kick off day one - do you have YOUR OWN show on your calendar in November? People are SHOPPING and the most efficient way for you to march to 30 orders in 30 days is to have a show! You can host (AND GET HOSTESS REWARDS), you can follow up with someone, you can connect with your style club members to offer the extra $100 in host rewards with her qualified show! Circle back with all those you met last month and offer to get the gals together!

Your tip for kicking it off this weekend: add YOUR OWN trunk show + ONE MORE for November with one of your best customers/supporters!

And work our Buy More, Save More Promo through Monday to help you get orders!

While you’re working to grab those orders, offer the style session - you may trade a sale today for 5-10 sales at a show! That’s #fashionmath we can ALL get behind, right?!?!

Here’s some tips:

1. Get together your list of customers to do some personal shopping with spend more/save more, potential hostesses, and potential stylists.

2. Be sure to reach out to each person to circle back- Pick your poison - FB message, text, phone call, email - do what works!

Share your success on our pinned celebration thread!!!

Share your success along the way on our pinned celebration thread!!!

Let us cheer you on for 1 order, a batch at once, or those sprinkled through the month :)




Founding Executive Director