Hackberry Howl

Vol. 1 No.32

Hackberry 2016-2017

As this school year nears an end, we are looking forward to what next year has in store for us at Hackberry. With heavy hearts we will say goodbye to several staff members as they take on new roles in their lives from retirement, staying home with little ones, or taking on new opportunities in and out of education. We wish each of you leaving HB the very best and will be forever grateful for the impact all of you have made at Hackberry and in the hearts and minds of the children you taught. We hope you never stop howling!

We are very excited about what 2016-2017 has in store for Hackberry Elementary. Our goal is to build leadership capacity and that means developing leadership in every person on our campus. We will be rotating the leadership position every few years in an effort to develop those skills amongst all our staff.

Kinder- Vanessa Moya, Ms. Torrance, Ms. Delvalle, Ms. Branch, Open Position

1st Grade-Ashely Measles, Ms. Webber, Ms. Whiddon, Ms. Colon, Ms. Scaife

2nd Grade-Mariza Escamilla, Ms. Masai, Ms. Romig, Ms. Burzynski, Ms. Jasleen

3rd Grade-Richard Mendez, Ms. Hatcher, Ms. Lawley, Open Postion, Open Position

4th Grade-Colleen Miller, Ms. Castilla, Ms. Rizvan, Open Position, Open Position, Open Position

5th Grade-Kimberly Northcutt, Ruth Morales, Ms. Parra, Ms. Solinski, Ms. Sanders, Open Position, Open Position, Open Positon

Specials-Pamela Anderson, Ms. Pierce, Ms. Wagner, Ms. Thomas

Specialist- Dyslexia-Ms. Brodsky, Reading-Ms. Silva, Math/Science-Open Position

SPED-Mr. Myers, Ms. Tegrar

The best is yet to come!

Keep Howling!!!


Recommended Reading

The Element-Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson’s blockbuster TED talks have become modern cerebral folklore, and for good reason — his insights on education and creativity, neatly delivered in punchy, soundbite-ready packages, are today’s loudest, most succinct rally cry for a much-needed revolution. That’s precisely what he does in The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything — a passionate celebration for the wide spectrum of human ability and creativity, which current educational models consistently limit and try to fit into predetermined boxes, extricating rather than encouraging young people’s unique abilities and talents. From Paul McCartney to Paulo Coehlo to Vidal Sassoon, Robinson demonstrates the power of properly harnessing innate creativity through fascinating case studies and personal stories, and offers a powerful vision for bringing this respect for natural talent to the world of education.

SPOTLIGHT-Karla Figueroa

Teacher Spotlight of the Week

Name: Karla Figueroa

Birthday: September 4th

Hometown: Little Elm TX

Current Hackberry position: Administrative Assistant

Where did you graduate: Little Elm High School

Who was your favorite teacher and why? My third grade teacher, Mrs. Hays (Woolsey). She is currently still in Little Elm ISD. She always knew the importance of building relationships with her students. I had open-heart during my third grade year. Mrs. Hays was the last person, other than mom and dad, to see me prior to the surgery. She took time to go to the hospital and my house to ensure I did not miss a beat in third grade. This is something I will never forget. She always had a “Whatever It Takes” attitude and really

pushed her students to their very best.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt: I have thought about going to school to become a school counselor.

Do you have children: One handsome little boy, Daniel!

Do you have pets: No

Favorite Color: Pink/Brown

Do you have a favorite Quote or Saying: It is what it is…. Es lo que es….

Where is the farthest place you have ever traveled: Wyoming & Mexico

Favorite food: Mexican food & Pizza

Hobbies or Activities/organizations you are active in: I enjoy cooking, sewing and spending time with my family. I am a volunteer for the Town of Little Elm in different areas.

Accomplishments or Honors you have achieved that you are proud of: Para-Professional of the Year my first year in the district.


Lobo Howls

Karla gives Sylvia Cruz and LeCrecia Robinson for helping me decorate for the Cinco de Mayo luncheon.

Karla gives a screaming howl to Carol and Vanessa for doing whatever it takes on days are short handed!

Karla gives a howl Mr. Castillo, Mr. Swartz and Mr. Richardson for making the fun STAAR video and always making Hackberry a fun place!`

Tom Howls out to Karla Figueroa and Vanessa DelValle for putting together two bulletin boards with college pictures. Brightening up our school.

Tom Howls out to Lecrecia Robinson and Karla Figueroa for helping run the faculty meeting on Tuesday. Thank you for always being willing to lend a hand.

Tom Howls out to Colleen Miller for saving the little ducks and bringing our attention to them in the outdoor learning area.

Tom Howls out to Domenica Phan and Patti Granados for working so hard on the language testing for all the little ones coming in to begin preK and kinder and making sure we get them placed in the appropriate class.

Stephen gives a booming howl to Darilyn and Darcie with their help with STAAR prep!

Stephen gives a loud howl to Vanessa D. for always jumping in and helping wherever she is needed!

Stephen howls to Karla for all her help translating Summer School Docs!

Measles gives a big HOWL to Mrs. Jackson for offering to cover our classes so we could go grab breakfast! We are blessed to have her in our hallway! :)

Ms. Phan gives a huge howl out to our front office staff. This past weekend, I ran into a former student and her dad at the park. Her dad mentioned he misses Hackberry very much because the front office staff knew him on a first-name basis and always made him feel welcomed. His daughter's new school barely acknowledges him. I think that speaks volumes about our front office staff!!!

Ms. Pierce gives a huge howl howl out to Mr. Beaty for purchasing a student of his several items from the book fair. The student still comes in weekly to talk to me about how much he loves his books. Also a long overdue howl to Ms. Torrence who purchased a book out of pocket for every single one of her students. I am constantly amazed and proud of the teachers and students I work with at Hackberry.


For the remainder of the school year Monday's will be AVID College Day. You may wear jeans with a college T-Shirt.

Helping one of our own!

As many you may have heard Mindy Fulmer a teacher at Brent Elementary lost her husband. Many Schools in the district are allowing teachers to wear jeans on Wednesdays for $5.00 to help Mindy with hospital bills. If you would like to wear jeans on Wednesdays and help one of our own then turn in money to Karla every Wednesday.

Mark your Calendar

Monday, May 9


3rd Grade-Math

4th Grade Math

5th Grade Math Re-test

Tuesday, May 10


3rd Grade-Reading

4th Grade Reading

5th Grade Reading Re-test

Wednesday, May 11


5th Grade-Science

Thursday, May 12

Make-up STAAR

Friday, May 13

4th Grade Field Trip to Austin