Going Google

Volume 6

Google Tip #1 - Advanced Search in Gmail

Looking for an email? Narrow down your search results by using the advanced search option...just click on the down arrow in the right-hand side of the search box.

You can search by: who the email from, who you send it to, subject, keywords, date range, and more!

Google Tip #2 - New Compose in Gmail

Over the last month Google has rolled out a new compose window. This new feature allows you to open a chat like window to compose a new email all the while allowing you to search through your inbox, read and respond to other emails and or compose a second or third email at the same time.

To enable this feature you have to turn it on (if you have not already done so). Hit the Compose button and click on “Try out the new compose experience.” Gmail will now switch over to the new compose format.
Once in the new format the formatting and attaching options are located at the bottom of the screen. To change font options click on the “A” and the font formatting options appear. A feature only available in the new compose is the ability to attach a file from your google Drive without having to find the link (always make sure the permissions are set to allow viewing of the file to the audience you are emailing it to.) To choose to attach a file from Google Drive - click on the Drive icon and choose the file to attach.

You can always go back to the old compose by clicking on the “More Options” drop down carrot on the lower right side and choose “Switch back to old compose.”

Google Tip #3 - Google Story Builder

With Google Story Builder, you can create a mini movie in a matter of minutes.
It doesn’t require a login - you just type in your character name(s), dialogue, add music and it makes a video of your story as it is typed. At the end you get a share link to send to others. It could be used for
  • teacher lead-in activities
  • student explanations about a video or story observations
  • creating speeches
  • giving directions to the students
  • conversations between historical characters

Enjoy this conversation between Sam Houston and Lamar

Class Warmup
Go Google: Hall and Oates