Talking Tennis Racket !

Tells you when to forehand and backhand.

Danniela Arias, 5th.

Have you ever had a racket that tells you how to make your next move ?

This talking tennis racket will tell you what to do for your next move at a game !!

This racket will never tell you a wrong move ! you dont always have to let it talk you can turn it off .

come and get your talking tennis racket !

moday - friday ; 8am - 7pm

saturday and sunday ; 9am - 5pm

we are talking tennis !

If you like to play tennis , you should come buy the talking tennis racket . if you are a begginer in tennis this will probably teach you some moves . it comes in the colors of : red, white ,blue ,green, purple and a neon pink ! the price is 45$ .