My Life

By:Kevin Plach


In this smore you will hear about my life when I get older, and how much i will spend monthly on Car expenses,Household items,gas for my car,etc.
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When I grow up I'm going to be lawyer

When I grow up I'm going to be a lawyer. I'm going to make $7,568 a month and go to work daily.

Cost of living and car expenses

I'm going to live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chicago it will cost $457 a month. I'm also gonna have a Toyota Prius as my car.
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Gas for my car

I will spend $50 for gas on my car monthly.
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Monthly groceries

I will spend $500 a month on groceries.
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Household Items

I will pay $100 a month on groceries.
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Telephone and cable

I will pay $125 on my telephone and cable bill.
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Cell Phone Expenses

For my cell phone bill I will pay $60 a month. The company I will have is sprint.
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Electricity And Heat Bill

For my heat and electricity bill will be $150.
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Clothing Expenses

My clothing bill will be $500 a month.
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Entertainment Expenses

For entertainment I will spend $1,000.
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Miscellaneous expenses

I will spend $500 a month on oil changes,repairs;etc.
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Total Expenses

Over all I will have paid $3,774.05.

Left Over Money (To Put Into Savings)

Left over I will have $3,794, So I can put it into savings.
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Thank You

Thank You For Watching!!!
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