Truedell Public School

Newsletter #7

Stay Well!

We hope you are all staying well and are adjusting to virtual/remote learning. We miss our students and their families very much! Should you have any questions about your child's progress or virtual/remote programming, please contact your child's teacher, or the school. Mrs. Pitt is continuing to check voicemails daily. The most important thing during this time is that we take care of each other. Do what you can with school work and our Truedell staff team will do our very best to support our students and their families.

Strategies for Completing School Work at Home

-Students should try to read every day for at least 20 minutes.

-Routine is very important. Try to schedule a regular time for learning each weekday.

-Provide a designated work space and a schedule for different subjects that includes breaks for preferred activities.

-For younger learners, the concept of "First....Then" works well. First have your child complete a required activity and then they can complete an activity of their choice for a few minutes.

-Help your child to chunk assignments into smaller, more manageable parts.

-Have your child work in a quiet area, with as few disruptions as possible.

-Determine what works best for your child's learning style. For example, some students work better while listening to music, whereas for others, listening to music while working is highly distracting.

May 8th is Jersey Day!

A message from 93.5 Country FM (@country935fm on Twitter)

No matter what team we might cheer for (in a regular season) in this COVID-19 Showdown we are #AllOnTheSameTeam! The BossLady & Carl at Kingston’s Country 93.5 propose that, together, we start the #JerseyDay4Canada campaign. We know that Kingston’s collective passion for team spirit will inspire a day of unity for all – let’s see how far we can take this TOGETHER! Please join us Friday, May 8, for #JerseyDay4Canada!

What to do:

  1. Put on YOUR favourite team jersey…FUN!
  2. Snap a pic (or consider shooting a short video!)
  3. Post on your social media with #JerseyDay4Canada and #AllOnTheSameTeam*

Help us let everyone know, in advance, that Kingston/YGK is declaring Friday, May 8th, #JerseyDay4Canada!

Kindergarten/New School Registrations

If you wish to register your child for Kindergarten, please visit and click on the Register A Student link to complete the online registration process. Our orientation sessions for new students will take place once we are back at school.

A Message From Lifetouch

Dear Families,

If you would like to place an order for the Lifetouch school pictures that were taken earlier this year, go to Free shipping to your homes will be available until May 31, 2020, when you order on with promo code SMILES. Locate your access credentials on your proof sheet if you have it or call 1-866-457-8212 and Lifetouch will help locate your credentials.

Thank you.

Students Must Use Their Active Directory Board Email and Passwords

Each student attending Truedell P.S. has an LDSB login and password. The Limestone District School Board requires that all students use these credentials when logging in to participate in virtual/remote learning. Should you have any issues in locating your child's login and password, please contact your child's teacher. This process helps to ensure the safety of all students during school-based online learning.

May 4 - 8 is Mental Health Week

Below are a few strategies from School Mental Health Ontario that we can all use to help maintain our sense of calm in these challenging times.
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