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Tub-A-Matic is the best product all around!

Do you ever have those days where you dread to clean your bathroom? Or those days where you thought you were done cleaning, only to find out you still had to scrub your bath tub? Bending over for long periods of time can lead to back pains and other serious damage. But with Tub-A-Matic, you never have to scrub again!

How To Properly Use

Using Tub-A-Matic is as simple as One...Two...Three.

1. Fill the tub with your cleaning products and a little water.

2. Turn the off switch to on.

3. Watch as your Tub-A-Matic spins its bristles back and forth to move, scrub and clean your bath tub. Doing a job that you never want to do!

Our Product

Tub-A-Matic is a product that is sure to make you smile. While its easy to use and very lightweight, it also can make a lot of time for yourself because it saves you time and money! With the price coming up to a good $12.99, this product will be a savior to your cleaning supplies. With reusable brushes and a affordable price, Tub-A-Matic is a product that you absolutely NEED in your life!