The History of The Samurais

A Fact Documentary on Samurais By:Josh,Natalie,Donny,Riley

-Did you know the samurais ruled over japan for almost 700 years.

-Not only were the Samurais fighters they were also Fashion models for Japans latest fashions.

-One way they fought was by striking down their enemy, then they beheaded them.

-When the samurais fought the Mongols in the 13th century their fighting style changed significantly.

-The samurais rose to power in the 12th century.

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- One nickname for a samurai was a Bushi.

-The samurais were one of the most loyal people in all of Ancient Japan.

-In the 12th-13th century the Samurais took control over the Court Nobles.

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This is what a Samurai looked like under his armor.

-The samurais were actually the inspiration for the Star Wars Saga.

-The samurais named their sword because they believed that i was their "soul".

-Eventually they became the most powerful class for a little time.

-These fierce fighters not only dresses for protection but also for speed and stealth.

-These warriors were hired by wealthy land owners.

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This is a diagram of the samurai armor. It shows how they dressed for speed stealth and protection.