Guitar Notes

Two Diffrent People, One Big Friendship

Guitar Notes Summary

On odd days Tripp Brody uses the practice room for a borrowed guitar, On even days Lyla Marks uses the practice room for the cello. Lyla is already a perfect straight A student and an award winning celloist. As two diffrent people start passing notes, there two different friendships start bonding and writing songs through there love of music. One song after another, they start peforming and recording there songs. There freindship is unbreakable that even there friends cant break them apart even though circumstances are threaten to tear them apart.

My Favorite Guitar Notes Scene

My favorite scene in Guitar Notes is when Lyla and Tripp are up in there tree house writing a song and then Llya was asking if she can see his guitar pick. he asked her to be super careful and not lose it and then she dropped it out of the tree house, they climb down and Tripp is going crazy to find it! Llya was wondering why it was so important and he told her that it was the last thing his dad ever gave him before he passed. I liked it because its were you can see that Tripps start getting emotional and he never is so you can actully visulize what is happining.

Lexil Level For Guitar Notes

the lexil level for guitar notes is 680!


the main characters of Guitar Notes are

>Tripp Broody

>Lyla Marks

>Tripps Mother

>Lylas dad

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The Story Of Tripps Guitar Pick

when tripp was young his dad would teach him how to play guitar. they would go on camping trips and sit by the lake with a fire and play. they decided to build I think it was a mail box. but they knew they wouldn't get mail but they did it anyway. one day, a man who lived near were they camped put a letter in there that said thank you for building this. he taped a guitar pick on the envelope and his dad gave it to him along with his guitar. then the next day, tripp got called into the principles office and his mom was in there crying and they told him that his dad had passed. tripp didn't believe them and he started to cry because it was real. so he decided that this guitar would be a special gift from hid dad. and he still kept it for a very long time. if he would ever lose it he would start losing control trying to find it because its that special to him. You can really tell that him and his dad really had a good relationship.